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In the spotlight: Claire Coughlan

Claire Coughlan on the inspiration behind her debut novel Where They Lie

Survivors wanted

Find out what it takes to be a survivor in Ruth Ware's new book, One Perfect Couple

How low will you go?

Do you have what it takes to be a traitor? Join the cast of Ruth Ware's new book

Let the games begin

Five beautiful couples. One deadly game. Who will escape alive? Tune into Ruth Ware's new novel

Spotlight on Louise Candlish

Our House author Louise Candlish gives us the lowdown on the book-turned-ITV hit

Crack the courtroom lingo

Don’t know your affidavits from your Alford pleas? Read our courtroom jargon guide

Under the spotlight

This month's Likely Suspect is actress and The Disappearing Act author Catherine Steadman

Meet Likely Suspect Jess

The Likely Suspects team member Jess is a Cluedo queen with a passion for The Walking Dead

You have a choice...

Are you ready to request one of the hottest proofs of 2022? It's time to make a shocking choice

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Enter our crime file archive for a host of amazing thriller features written by your favourite authors

Criminally good eBook deals

Find a fab 99p eBook deal in our vault of thrillers, mysteries, true crime and cold case classics

Contemporary indigenous crime novels

Winter Counts author David Heska Wanbli Weiden's top five crime novels by Native American authors

You're being followed...

Join the discussion on detectives, depositions, dodgy witnesses and death-defying plot twists

Going off-grid?

Keep up to date with the latest crime releases and swipe the hottest proofs before anyone else

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