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Our Rights department handles requests for UK publication rights for both adult and children’s as well as permission requests. This includes translation, magazine, newspaper, book club, audio, paperback reprint, hardcover reprint, large print, television, motion picture, radio, dramatic, public readings, electronic reproduction, and other formats. We also handle translation rights for publications from S&S India and S&S Australia, as well as for children’s picture books from S&S US.


The Team 

Maud Sepult – Group Rights Director
Amy Fletcher – Adult Rights and Co-Editions Director
Emma Martinez – Head of Rights, Children’s
Tanya Hill - Senior Rights Manager, Children’s
Theo Steen – Rights Manager, Children's
Ben Phillips – Rights Manager, Adult
Karen Kristjansdottir - Rights Coordinator, Children’s
Namrata Mistry – Rights Assistant


For general permission requests (for UK titles only), please email:


Please note it can take around 6 weeks for a reply, particularly in busy periods.

Download the latest Rights Guide here >>