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UFO...Contact from the Pleiades (45th Anniversary Edition)

Volumes I & II

Published by Beyond Words
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

In this forty-fifth anniversary edition, a humble, one-armed Swiss farmer named Billy Meier documents his date with destiny with hundreds of photos, videos, and written conversations with extraterrestrial visitors from the Pleiades star cluster. UFO…Contact from the Pleiades offers the inside story of one of the most remarkable and convincing extraterrestrial encounters ever reported.

For the first time—forty-five years after their original publication—the two photo-journal volumes of UFO…Contact from the Pleiades are combined in one book for a modern audience, with a new foreword written by Shirley MacLaine, a prologue written by Mexican UFOlogist Jamie Maussan, and a new introduction and preface written by Brit Elders.

This photo-journal presents the unique contact case of a Swiss farmer, Billy Meier, who claims to have met with the Pleiadians hundreds of times, compiling many layers of evidence including notes on their conversations, hundreds of photographs, movie footage, audio recordings of the craft, landing tracks of the spaceships, dozens of witnesses, and even metal samples of the craft itself. The quality and amount of evidence was convincing, making this unlike any case previously seen.

UFO…Contact from the Pleiades takes the reader back to a time before home computers, digital photography, and easily accessible photo enhancement programs. Yet the evidence—analyzed in laboratories around the world—could not be easily dismissed, and supported the claims of the contactee, Billy Meier. The breathtaking images, profound words of the Pleiadians, and the extensive investigation that spanned seven years are as relevant today as they were forty-five years ago.

About The Authors

Photograph courtesy of author

Brit Elders is an investigative author and documentary filmmaker who traveled the world exploring a variety of topics, including the mysterious world of UFOs. She has worked on many in-depth investigations, including the Billy Meier case and the waves of UFO sightings in Mexico, which began in 1991 and continue today. An internationally published author, Brit focuses her research and work on nonfiction topics. She has written books, articles, documentary films, and ghost written and edited for others with the goal of learning something new from each project. She is the CEO of, a position she’s held since its inception. An advocate for naturopathic health and healthy eating, Brit has hosted radio programs and been a guest on radio and television in the US as well as other countries. Brit has lived in Arizona her entire life.

Photograph courtesy of author

Lee Elders had an extensive background in investigation, which predicated his establishment of Intercep, an internationally successful Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) and computer security firm. Lee believed that any investigation, including a UFO case, should follow the same principles as a murder or corporate espionage case. That included gathering the evidence, finding the experts to analyze it, and presenting all information for others to make a judgment on. Lee was also an author, documentary filmmaker, and adventurer who, with his wife, Brit, traveled the world exploring the unknown.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Beyond Words (April 23, 2024)
  • Length: 200 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781582709284

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Raves and Reviews

"The 45th edition of UFO... Contact from the Pleiades should be part of any library archive in the serious study of contact and UFOs. One only needs to understand that in the 1970s we were given a pathway to evolution and a way to join the cosmic neighborhood. We are given this chance again."

– Paola Leopizzi Harris, investigative journalist in UFO research and author of Connecting the Dots

"From the artistic pages of UFO...Contact from the Pleiades, Volume I and II, a humble Swiss farmer emerges with photographs and witness reports of ongoing contact that speaks directly to our era of government disclosure engaged in the politics of searching for physical evidence and scientific proof of an extraterrestrial presence. One with nature, Billy Meier trusted his cosmic connection that beckoned him to pursue a lengthy off-planet relationship that configured verifiable, repeatable evidence for those pursuing inner and cosmic knowledge. Billy is an exoconscious human—connecting, communicating, and cocreating with benevolent beings through mutually agreed contact that transformed the meaning, mission, and work of his life."

– Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, author, futurist, coach, and founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness

"I have spent untold hours poring over, staring at, absorbing, and being mystified and perplexed by the unique and spellbinding photos taken by Billy Meier presented in this book."

– Paul Davids, producer, writer, director, and artist

"This new, updated edition of one of the most famous and well documented E.T. contact cases in history is not only timely, but with the recent confirmation by our own government that UFOs/UAPs are genuine and inexplicable, it is even more relevant than it was 45 years ago."

– Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., health educator, author, film producer, Phoenix Lights Network

"Brit Elders is one of the best, most honest and most reliable people I have worked with over the years covering UFOs for major Japanese networks with Junichi Yaoi."

– Michi Saito, Japanese translator and assistant to Junichi Yaoi

"A quantum leap forward that would have gone unnoticed by the outside world without publication of UFO...Contact from the Pleiades in 1979. Even more relevant today, its words of warning and hope take on truly vital significance in our perilous times of the most bitter wars, international pandemics, and social dislocation."

– Frank Joseph, author of Military Encounters with Extraterrestrials

"The evidence and facts presented, the logic of the conversations, and the amazing photographs, all combine to initiate a lifetime journey of curiosity. The authors were and are brave human beings with a burning desire to know.”

– David Bax, UFO researcher, Las Vegas, NV

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