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Brit Elders

Photograph courtesy of author

About The Author

Brit Elders is an investigative author and documentary filmmaker who traveled the world exploring a variety of topics, including the mysterious world of UFOs. She has worked on many in-depth investigations, including the Billy Meier case and the waves of UFO sightings in Mexico, which began in 1991 and continue today. An internationally published author, Brit focuses her research and work on nonfiction topics. She has written books, articles, documentary films, and ghost written and edited for others with the goal of learning something new from each project. She is the CEO of, a position she’s held since its inception. An advocate for naturopathic health and healthy eating, Brit has hosted radio programs and been a guest on radio and television in the US as well as other countries. Brit has lived in Arizona her entire life.

Books by Brit Elders