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The James Lovegrove Collection

Volume One

In three different novels James Lovegrove charts the course of Britain's future.
Days: Days gigastore is seven storeys high, two-and-a-half kilometres to a side. Within its walls, you can buy anything and everything! For a price...
Provender Gleed: The Families are monarchs, Mafia and movie stars rolled into one. When Provender Gleed is kidnapped by an anti-Familial revolutionary the future of the Gleeds, and of Europe, depends on the dark eyes and equally dark wit of a girl called Is.
Untied Kingdom: After a series of disastrous political decisions the United Kingdom has fallen apart. Tiny communities rely on ancient traditions for their structure. In one village the mayor has styled himself the Green Man. But he is powerless to stop a raid on the village by a London based gang.

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