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The Hoodoo Tarot Workbook

Rootwork, Rituals, and Divination

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A guide to advanced practices with the bestselling The Hoodoo Tarot.

In this Hoodoo and divination workbook, Tayannah Lee McQuillar presents a deeper understanding of the concepts, themes, and symbology featured in her bestselling Hoodoo Tarot card deck alongside rituals, botanical knowledge, and advanced practices for working with the cards.

Exploring the philosophy behind Hoodoo as well as its historical and spiritual roots, the author looks at this tradition as a nature-based spiritual system, emphasizing the unique environmental features of the Deep South that have shaped what Hoodoo and rootwork are today. She explores in depth the plants, herbs, and flowers of the Hoodoo tradition featured on the cards, as well as the animals that play a totemic role in rootworking. She explains the three sacred circles of Hoodoo and the different groups whose spiritual traditions give this syncretic faith its complex heritage: early Black American Christianity, esoteric European traditions, and Indigenous American traditions. She also explores dreamwork and other divination systems practiced in Hoodoo, including bibliomancy, judicial astrology, cartomancy, and cleromancy (divination with pebbles or other objects).

Looking at the Elder cards (Major Arcana) of The Hoodoo Tarot, the author provides rituals to work with each of the cards and the plants, legendary figures, and spiritual concepts they represent. She offers eleven new card spreads, such as the New Moon spread, the Big House Healing Trauma spread, and the Difficult Ancestry spread. She looks closely at family card connections, explaining what particular cards reveal when they appear, and shares exercises for resolving problems and dysfunctional patterns. She also explores the important role of rootworkers in their communities in the past and looking forward into the future.

Presenting new ways to work with The Hoodoo Tarot, this book also provides a foundational introduction to the rootworking tradition, allowing divination practitioners and spiritual seekers alike to expand their journeys of growth and understanding.

About The Author

Tayannah Lee McQuillar is a tarot reader and researcher of religion, esoterica, and mysticism. The author of several books and divination decks, including The Hoodoo Tarot and The Sibyls Oraculum, she lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (April 11, 2024)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644116333

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Raves and Reviews

“With deep learnedness, wicked wit, gimlet eye for human frailties, and a vast, generous love for history and for the world, Tayannah has written a splendid manual for the deeply cosmopolitan, utterly American form of magic that is Hoodoo.”

– MOLLY CRABAPPLE, author of Drawing Blood

“I continue to be a great admirer of Tayannah Lee McQuillar’s scholarly and practical work The Hoodoo Tarot. This follow-up work, The Hoodoo Tarot Workbook, continues to engage the complicated history of Africans in North America and Indigenous communities of the American Southeast. McQuillar finds fruitful data in the interstices and intersections that gave rise to Black American culture, a term that she uses to avoid ascribing all things found in early and contemporary ‘African American’ culture to Africa. While not diminishing Africa, McQuillar’s work calls us to consider the significant Indigenous influences on Black American lifeways that show themselves in Hoodoo/Rootwork/ Conjure traditions and practices. The Hoodoo Tarot Workbook challenges readers to take a deeper look at the philosophy, flora, and fauna of the Hoodoo tradition, offering practical suggestions about preparations for rituals as well as directions that readers may choose to engage. This book is a great companion to The Hoodoo Tarot, but it is also of great value as a text in itself. Scholars, practitioners, enthusiastic learners, or those who embody all these will love this new text.”

– Stephen C. Finley, Ph.D., associate professor, Department of Religious Studies and African American

“Tayannah takes a step ahead on oracle reading with this book. Much more than only providing counsel or fortune advice, the exercises and meditations from The Hoodoo Tarot Workbook are powerful tools for self-knowledge and self-growth, no matter which faith the reader practices. She also brings light to the mysteries of leaves and charm magic as well as important lessons on how to create magic in daily life guided by the tarot cards and their wisdom messages. The historical chapters are a must-read, especially because they reveal and reinforce the non-Christian aspects of Hoodoo and its founder practitioners. The illustrated plant dictionary and descriptions of their magic uses are a highlight for all magic lovers, Rootworkers or not. Along with the guide to the plants, the Elder cards’ rituals are very interesting and show how Hoodoo and Black America folk magic relates with other diasporic traditions such as Brazilian Umbanda and Jurema.”

– Diego de Oxóssi, author of Traditional Brazilian Black Magic and Afro Brazilian Numerology

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