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About The Book

This is a story of belonging and not belonging, of not knowing if you exist and making sure that you do. This story is for ancestors and descendants, for the people without roles or representation who find themselves placed in a random mixed-up race. This is a story about time travel and tigers, of mountains and moons, and what happens when you sew a thread that was split in two.

Reliving defining memories from early childhood in the 1990s to the present day, Laila Woozeer engages with the divisive patterns of racism and prejudice and their cumulative effect on a single life. Using the healing stream of connection – with personal and family history, friends, nature and imagination – and the act of creation, Laila illustrates the way a self was forged. Between past lives and personhood, and from colonialism to creativity, this is a vivid, lyrical account of identity, endurance, courage, growth and artistry. In Not Quite White you are invited to follow the journey of somebody trying desperately to understand who they are, how to survive, and what it might mean to thrive.

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK (June 23, 2022)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781471184192

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Raves and Reviews

'A pulsing exploration of the self, this book hands you the privilege to observe Laila find meaning, and it oozes with vulnerability, hope, beauty and story. When I’m older I want to write like Laila'

– Gina Martin

'Charts the pain and confusion of growing up while grappling with a complicated, mixed ethnic identity.. a memoir that many mixed-race people will easily relate to'

– Dazed

'A lyrical odyssey of self-discovery, told with folkloric flair. In charting her journey across Welsh mountains and Mauritian seas, Laila Woozeer offers a map that can guide us all, regardless of our origins, to unearth the treasure that lies within. A must-read for anyone in search of themselves'

– Jassa Ahluwalia, author and creator of #BothNotHalf

'Anyone who wants to learn how our racial identity impacts not only our experience of the world but also how we understand ourselves should pick up this book. Gorgeously written, too'

– Natasha Devon

'A moving piece of literature.. an eloquent portrayal of self-discovery and building your identity in a society that is eager to dismantle your existence at every turn'

– Wales Art Review

An insight into what it's like growing up mixed race'

– My London

'One of the most relatable books I’ve read on the mixed experience'

– Mixed Messages

'This book is a gem. I genuinely couldn’t stop turning the pages. Laila is an essential voice in todays important issues of race, identity and belonging'

– Kai Samra

'Heartbreaking, vivid, lyrical, and very smart… I was so grateful to Laila giving us the understanding of this quite complex topic'

– Book Reccos

'This book is a treat, asking timely questions about race, who we are and how we define ourselves, but through such exquisite prose you get utterly pulled in'

– Rosie Holt

'Delves into what it’s like growing up mixed race in the UK'

– Mashable

'Woozeer creates an environment in the reader’s mind that allows us to learn more about ourselves… the is the real gift to readers'

– Brown Girl Bookshelf

'The most nuanced and moving account of mixed race identity I’ve read'

– htmljones

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