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Laila Woozeer

About The Author

Laila Woozeer is a London-born writer and musician who grew up in rural Wales, fully enchanted by the ancient magic found there. Laila's work ranges from award-winning soundtracks, off-the-wall theatre shows and original songwriting. Laila is a long-term vegan, practising mixed-religion sorceress, lover of all things pink and/or shiny, rescue snake owner, overuser of major sevenths, and avid arcade gamer. Laila is mixed heritage and queer. Laila is interested in and available for commissions and commentary on topics including identity, race, colonialism, UK history, veganism, animals/animal welfare, representation, spirituality, witchcraft, travel/tourism, mental health, sexuality, gender and gender identity, relationships, theatre/performing arts, entertainment and pop culture. Not Quite White is Laila's first book.

Books by Laila Woozeer