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Batista Unleashed

Part of WWE

Dave Batista's story is that of a kid who could have gone either way; and it was wrestling that provided him with a way out and up. As a teenager he found himself in trouble with the law, later drifting from job to job until, while working as a bouncer, his temper got the better of him and he attacked two patrons who were giving his colleagues a hard time. It was this incident that made him decide to turn his life around.

A hardscrabble wrestler who had been told that he didn't have what it took to make it in professional wrestling, Batista took that advice as a personal challenge and signed with WWE. His determination to come back from injuries and the heart he demonstrates in the ring have won him countless fans. More than once, on the brink of success, he has had it torn from him until finally, in 2007, he became WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Batista is renowned for his forthright opinions of his fellow wrestlers. Tough and uncompromising, this book says it all.

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