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Darnell Wright

For Darnell Wright, change is not only inevitable--it's required. Where others see destitution, desperation, and despair, he sees opportunity and optimism. As a speaker, author, and change agent, Darnell is best known for helping others transform into their authentic selves through strategic shifting of the mind. As a mentor to many, he's not only mastered the art of reaching a demographic that many consider untouchable, but he's also been successful at getting them to think differently and, in turn, act differently, catapulting them to a life of destiny and purpose fulfillment. His innate passion to go out into the world and inspire those who may be struggling with the same issues he has overcome is about much more than motivational moments. It's a calling. It's his purpose. And as fate would have it, many of his speaking engagements have led to permanent programming and long-term relationships. With keen insight and wisdom to reach beyond the surface of an individual, Darnell has been fortunate to speak to incarcerated and at-risk teens for over seven years. While many seek fortune or fame, he's more than content with leaving a lasting impact on those who have lost all hope and confidence in themselves. In addition to speaking at the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and the Pensacola Boys Base, Darnell has facilitated programs for AMIkids, Pathways for Change, and the Henry & Rilla White Foundation. In his debut book, The Compass of a Conscience, he encourages readers to take the very stumbling blocks they experience in life and build stepping stones to immeasurable success. Whether he's mentoring a group of five or speaking to a conference of five thousand, Darnell is sure to deliver a life-changing message that will alter the minds of everyone in attendance. For speaking engagements or more information, visit or email

Books by Darnell Wright