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Meet The Likely Suspects team: Kat

Likely Suspects team member Kat tells us why you should never, ever try to steal her book before she's finished it...

Favourite TV detective?


It has to be Jonathan Creek. He is just an ordinary guy living in a windmill, helping a magician to come up with his tricks, but somehow he is always pulled into solving seemingly spooky and otherworldly crimes. And wouldn’t you know it, every single time he unravels the mystery using common sense and logic. And in case you’re interested my favourite of his ‘assistants’ if that’s what we are calling them is without a doubt Caroline Quentin – what a queen.


Favourite sidekick (TV/Book/Movie)?


One of the positives that came out of lockdown for me was finally having the chance to sit down and binge watch all of The Wire which has given me my favourite TV detective sidekick, Bunk. Yes he is a womaniser, a heavy drinker, and a bit of a grump but is also one helluva detective and I think we can all agree, so much better than McNulty.


If you were a character, would you be more likely to be the detective or the criminal?


Without a doubt I’d be the detective. Not because I’d be any good at it but because I absolutely hate breaking rules and getting in to trouble, which would make me a bit of a rubbish criminal.


Book you’d kill to get back if it was stolen?


Any book that I’m in the middle of reading. Even if I hate a book I never like to give up without finishing. Not only do I hate the idea of leaving a story unresolved but also some of my favourite books are ones that I haven’t been keen on at the outset but that have won me over in the end. Just try and steal my current read from me and see what happens!


Which crime/thriller character would you most like to have a drink with?


It isn’t just one person, but I’d love to have a drink and a natter with Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron of the Thursday Murder Club. I’d happily head over to Cooper’s Chase for a glass of wine and to help solve a murder any day.


Podcasts or music?


100% podcasts! I genuinely consider podcasts to be one of life’s greatest comforts. Obviously I love a true crime podcast - shout out to Serial, Criminal, Scam Goddess, The Missing, Bear Brook, Paradise and all the millions of other true crime podcasts I’ve devoured over the years. But I also enjoy film podcasts (How Did This Get Made?, Films to Be Buried With), ‘History’ podcasts (You’re Wrong About, Revisionist History, Wind of Change), interview podcasts (Adam Buxton, Marc Maron) and a whole load of miscellaneous podcasts as well (Maintenance Phase, Reply All, This American Life, Even the Rich, Home Cooking). I could go on and on!


Cluedo or Monopoly?


Definitely Cluedo. I love a good mystery and Cluedo is good fun but mainly I just absolutely hate Monopoly. It is the game that never ends and people get far too into it, count me out!


What are you most looking forward to watching/reading/listening to next month?

I am very intrigued and excited to watch Murder Island on Channel 4. The premise is that 8 amateur detectives, AKA members of the public, try to solve crimes written by none other than Ian Rankin. I love the idea that we all think we’d make great detectives but when put to the test how good would your average Joe actually be at solving crimes? Let’s find out!


What are you reading at the moment?

I just finished a book and have The Heights by Louise Candlish poised as my next read and I CANNOT WAIT to get started. I have loved every single one of Louise’s books that I’ve read, she is the queen of the twist you didn’t see coming. I just gave my Gran a copy of The Other Passenger and she finished it in a day and then immediately called me to discuss the twist, which is exactly the kind of reaction I want from a thriller!

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