Simon & Schuster UK Environmental Policy

Our Mission

Simon & Schuster UK Ltd recognises our environmental responsibility and is dedicated to safeguarding a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations. Our mission is to consistently conduct our business in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

Through managing the environmental impacts of our everyday practices, we aim to motivate our colleagues, clients and suppliers to take action to create a significant and lasting awareness of environmental responsibility within the publishing industry.

Our Impacts

There are two distinct areas of our business that we recognise to have adverse environmental impacts:

1.   Through the physical production of our books

2.   Day-to-day in our workplace

In both aspects, our fundamental impacts are:

·       The consumption of resources through our use of energy, raw materials, general supplies and equipment  

·       The production of waste materials

·       The environmental performance of our suppliers

·       Emissions to atmosphere from the use of carbon based energy and fuel in transport including all delivery services both in-coming and out-going.

Our Objectives

·       Focus on the three ‘R’s - Reduce consumption/waste/pollution at source wherever practicable, Re-use where possible and Recycle remaining waste.

·       Both in the workplace and through the production of our books; endeavour to buy, sell and use products that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. Recording our progress each quarter.

·       Always take in to consideration the environmental ethics and performance of suppliers and service providers to ensure that we only work with those that share our values.

·       Strive to conserve energy/natural resources, measuring and monitoring our progress.

·       Our established ‘Green Initiative Committee’ will meet each quarter to monitor and review the progress, and to discuss new ideas and best practices.

·       Continue to educate ourselves on new developments, to stay up-to-date to ensure we are doing the best we can to respect the law and protect the environment.

·       Ensure that our environmental initiatives are open and accessible to all employees, by issuing regular newsletters and updates.


Our Commitment

To deliver this Policy, Simon & Schuster UK Ltd makes the following commitments:

·       Ensure we always comply with all relevant legislation and regulations

·       Work to continually improve our environmental performance

·       Measure our progress annually, and report this both internally and externally