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Wild Life!

A Look at Nature's Odd Ducks, Underfrogs, and Other At-Risk Species


Celebrate our amazing world with this fascinating and entertaining book featuring wow-worthy animal facts and beautiful photos that will remind you of what we risk losing if we don’t make changes to our environment.

Ever hear of the Pink-headed Duck? What about Romeo the Frog, a type of rare water frog who found his mate with the help of an online dating photo?

Our world is full of quirky, interesting wild animals that roam the treetops and plains and who make our planet a vibrant, diverse place to live. Wild Life! celebrates them by providing you with inspiring facts, conservation success stories, and profiles of people working hard to find and protect the rarest of these species. Along with remarkable, full-color photos, this book will both entertain and inform you about the rare and endangered animals that may soon disappear if we don’t make the necessary steps towards conserving our environment.

Re:wild protects and restores the diversity of life on Earth. They aim to achieve a world where thriving wildlife and ecosystems underpin our own well-being and prosperity. They believe protecting and restoring biodiversity, the immune system of our planet, is the primary solution for a healthier planet and a more stable climate. Re:wild has developed a collaborative model that works directly with hundreds of local partners, including Indigenous peoples and communities, in nearly 100 countries around the world to protect wildlife and wild places. They are focused on often-overlooked but highly threatened species and ecosystems integral to the health of our planet. Their award-winning work has protected more than 150 threatened species and 20,000 other species in fifteen of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, and has been featured in The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Guardian, BBC, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and more. Re:wild is formerly Global Wildlife Conservation. Learn more at

Growing up in a house full of dogs, cats, and one Beta fish that lived for over five years, Syd Robinson has always had a deep love for animals. So much so that she eventually became one of BuzzFeed’s top animal writers, constantly living in the wild world of internet pets! When she’s not working on a new BuzzFeed post, Syd draws, buys too many plants, and writes music under the name Ghostcamp. She currently lives in Manhattan with her naughty pug, Phoebe.

  • Publisher: Adams Media (October 19, 2021)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781507216446

“Embracing the wild means stepping back and connecting with the larger complexity. By focusing on nature’s lesser-known but critical species and the people who work to protect them, Wild Life! reminds us of the interconnectedness of all wild beings, and of the role we all play within that complexity.”

—Adrian Grenier, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, impact investor, and cofounder of Lonely Whale

“An intersectional approach to the protection of both people + planet that seeks to uplift all people and empower Indigenous voices is crucial to restoring the wild! It takes all of us to save the planet—read this book and gain insights from the best!”

—Leah Thomas, founder of Intersectional Environmentalist


“We all have our own story to tell, and this book contains stories of species and the incredible people protecting them. It celebrates their quirks and talents, and their importance to the amazing, interconnected system of the wild.”

—Karrueche Tran, actor, model

Wild Life! takes us on a fact-based ride through the wild and wonderful world of species that are little known, seldom seen, and in need of more love. Geek out over these creatures—they’ll definitely grab your attention and take you places you didn’t know existed.”                              

—Carl Safina, author of Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty, and Achieve Peace