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When Your Parent Remarries Late in Life

Making Peace with your Adult Stepfamily

About The Book

Learn to love your parent’s new spouse—and family

Dealing with stepparents isn’t just a kid’s problem anymore. With more and more older parents remarrying, you could be one of the many adults having to deal with the issues that arise from these later-in-life unions. Luckily, Terri P. Smith is here to help you out with what to do after your parent walks down the aisle, again.

Smith deals with conflicts such as:
  • Sharing time between stepfamilies
  • Managing family rituals
  • Figuring out what to do with prized possessions
  • Handling wills, inheritances, and trust funds
  • Living arrangements
  • Caregiving and illness
  • Building relationships with grandchildren—his and hers
  • Maneuvering holidays and vacations
These practical solutions and emotionally satisfying answers will relieve the strain of your parent’s remarrying, and allow you to enjoy your new extended family.

About The Authors

An Adams Media author.

An Adams Media author.

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