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A Private novel

Book #3 of Private

Cheating, partying, blackmail, and now... murder? Can the Billings Girls remain untouchable? Reed's boyfriend is dead, and life at Easton Academy suddenly feels very different. Noelle is being what borders on nice, which is totally bizarre, Taylor can't make it through an hour without bursting into tears, Kiran is spiking every beverage she consumes, and Arianna is acting as if nothing could be more normal. And then there's Josh. Left alone on campus for the weekend, Reed and Josh get together and confront their hidden feelings. But when the Billings Girls return, there's no fun game of tell-all, instead Josh begins to look like the number one suspect in the murder of Thomas Pearson. Surely everyone wants to know the truth… don't they?

Photograph © Sona Viola

Kate previously worked for 17th Street Productions in New York, and has written several young adult novels under a different name. She lives outside of New York City.

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