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About The Book

A sexy, whip-smart, enemies to lovers romcom that’s fresh and topical, tackling racism and tokenism as experienced by a young Black woman in the cutthroat world of Publicity.

'A funny, satisfying read full of sparkling banter and thoughtful social commentary' Shauna Robinson, author of Must Love Books

'The most delicious blend of a *very* heated novel, the dynamics of an age old and rock-solid friendship, the complexities that come with being a Black woman in any workspace and a romance that could melt any heart. Token had me rapt from the very first page with it’s humour and intelligence - I absolutely adored it' Ore Agbaje-Williams, author of The Three of Us

'Brimming with angst, banter, and a fiery chemistry' Taj McCoy, author of Zora Books Her Happy Ever After

Kennedy Mitchell is brilliant, beautiful and tired of being the only Black woman in the room.

Two years ago, she was plucked from reception for a seat at the boardroom table in the name of “representation”. Rather than play along, she and her best friend founded Token, a boutique PR agency that helps diversity-challenged companies and celebrities. With famous people getting into reputation-damaging controversies, Token is in high demand and business is booming, but when her ex shows up needing help repairing his reputation, things get even more complicated and soon Kennedy finds herself drawn into a PR scandal of her own.

'This romance has it all - flirty banter, deep emotion, and a smart, sassy heroine.' JENNIFER PROBST, New York Times bestselling author
'A smart, sexy rom-com that had me chuckling from the first page. I loved it.' BRENDA JACKSON, New York Times bestselling author
'Token is a smart and sexy romantic comedy...that is quick-witted, funny, and dives into contemporary social issues.' BUZZFEED, These 12 Romance Novels Will Knock Your Socks Off

About The Author


Beverley discovered her love of books while growing up in, the then, small city of Barrie, Ontario Canada. With her love of books and romance, she always wished that everyone would find their happily ever after. She currently writes sexy historical, new adult and contemporary romances.  As the mother of one too bright and mischievous young boy, she pulls full-time duty on all fronts. When she's not writing full-time, running The Season review website or mothering, she's probably reading or sleeping and dreaming of a time when she'll have time for her favorite hobbies: knitting, crocheting and sewing.  Beverley has lived on two continents, in three countries, two provinces, and four states. She stopped her nomadic existence and settled in the southeast. All things artistic feed her creative passion, but none more than writing. Readers can visit her at:

Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK (February 15, 2024)
  • Length: 384 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781398530546

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Raves and Reviews

'Token was EVERYTHING and more - the most delicious blend of a *very* heated novel, the dynamics of an age old and rock-solid friendship, the complexities that come with being a Black woman in any workspace and a romance that could melt any heart. But it’s also so much more, with Beverley asking us to reckon with the moral abyss that is being in the public eye and how difficult it can be in both sides of the coin. This book had me rapt from the very first page with it’s humour and intelligence - I absolutely adored it' ORE AGBAJE-WILLIAMS, author of The Three Of Us

'Beverley Kendall masterfully delivers the ABCs of a delectable second chance romance between Kendall and Nate - it’s brimming with angst, banter, and a fiery chemistry. The added dimension of the workplace dramas will strike a chord and keep you guessing' Taj McCoy, author of Zora Books Her Happy Ever After

'A funny, satisfying read full of sparkling banter and thoughtful social commentary. I loved watching Kennedy take the corporate world by storm - and follow her heart along the way' Shauna Robinson, author of Must Love Books

'Fresh, sexy and funny' heat

Token has it all: laughs, heat, a second-chance romance and – most importantly – so much to say on EDI and racism, all wrapped up in beautiful writing. Kendall’s way with words and how she weaves her way through the story is utterly enthralling and will have you hooked’ MY WEEKLY

'Discerning and insightful, Token delivers a deliciously daring and sexy romance with confidence.' LOVEREADINGUK, LIZ ROBINSON PICK OF THE MONTH

Reader Reviews

‘I loved it. The characters were amazing’

Token will definitely make a good book club recommendation, as there is a lot to discuss’

‘A joy to read. I was totally captivated by the story and the relationship between Kennedy and Nate’

‘I just couldn’t stop turning the pages’

‘Completely engrossing’

Token is fantastic, I adored the fake dating trope, but was completely there for Kennedy and Nate, their chemistry was palpable and the spicy scenes were very hot’

'A fun, sexy romance read with some great female characters and an underlying commentary on some of societies issues of racism and misogyny. The chemistry between Kennedy and her ex was undeniable'

'Tackles some tricky issues whilst still maintaining its appeal as a fun, romantic read. If you like your romances spicy, this is for you. The characters are appealing and engaging, and it has everything you could want from an intelligent romance'

'A sexy and smart novel! The banter between Kennedy and Nate is mesmerising! Issues of racism and sexism are focused on but ultimately the romance took over and I loved it'

'I gulped Token down in just a couple of sittings, I couldn’t read it fast enough! It’s fresh, feisty, and wow, it’s hot! I loved the way the story is told, it’s funny, straight-talking and original. I couldn’t get enough and truly loved it'

'I was hooked from the very first page and just knew that I was going to love the strong and sassy main character, Kennedy. Token is a fresh, modern and powerful novel that completely captivated me from start to finish'

'A really interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable read. It’s part romance, part looking at issues in modern life, specifically around race and gender'

'What a fresh, engaging and brilliant read. I loved Token - a narrative with sharp wit, incisive social comment and an underlying sexiness that makes it a fabulous read... intelligent, entertaining and, for me, quite brilliant'

'I love a romance, and I love it even better if the story has depth. Token delivers on this, and more. Well-paced, beautifully-plotted, written with humour, passion and strength, this story works as a romance and as a social commentary on the world'

'Token is HOT... packed full of chemistry! A great, fun and entertaining read'

'Well written, a mix of romance, current issues, a smattering of spicy sex and a serious look at the behaviours of those who often have the most power. A fascinating and fun look at the world of business in New York'

'Super sharp, I loved that Token couldn’t be pigeonholed - yes there’s a hot romance, but there’s also a focus on diversity... Kennedy is an absolute QUEEN!'

'A clever combination, combining a spicy second chance romance with an underlying exploration of the serious topic of DE&I in the workplace. Perfectly balanced, it makes for a fun and addictive read with a thought-provoking message'

'I found the storyline fast paced and the action both in and out of the bedroom kept my attention throughout. Filled with brilliant characters and steamy moments, this was a fantastic story'

'I binged Token, it was engaging and funny but highlights important issues, such as racism and sexism. It took me to a place that I had no experience of, and reading from Kennedy’s perspective as a Black woman added to the experience for me. A banger of a read'

'Token had intrigued me from the very beginning and it doesn’t disappoint. It's a fun and fascinating read with brilliantly developed characters. It’s a hot romance that also shines a light on issues around sexism and racism'

'I really enjoyed the storyline and as I started to read I realised that Token was more than a second chance romance. The story highlights the issues that people from the BAME community face in their places of work where EID are not in the minds of those in charge'

'Filled with attitude, sophistication and drama, Token is fantastic. With strong characters, drama and social issues this romantic comedy is difficult to put down'

'Sizzling, sexy, funny, and entertaining, Token is a second-chance romance brimming with chemistry, banter, humour, drama, angst, and thought-provoking social commentary. If you like your romances loaded with tension, wit, intelligence, and spice, then this is for you.'

'A fun, sexy and romantic read. I absolutely loved Kennedy; she’s such a lovable, realistic character. It was fun to watch her relationship with Nate develop. Their chemistry was amazing and I was routing for them from the start'

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