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The Tree Angel Oracle Deck

The Ancient Path into the Sacred Grove

Illustrated by Anne Heng
Published by Earthdancer Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A card set for connecting with Tree Spirits for guidance and inspiration

• Contains 36 full-color, richly illustrated cards, each featuring a different tree species with its Tree Angel

• Includes a guidebook that explains how to use the cards and provides a detailed message and interpretation for each Tree Angel card as well as historical information about each tree

• Features trees from the old Celtic “Tree Alphabet” along with other well-known trees from all over the world

There are two types of angels: those with wings and those with leaves. For thousands of years, those seeking guidance or wanting to express gratitude to nature have walked the ancient paths into the sacred grove to connect with the wisdom of trees. Today, venerable old trees in peaceful surroundings are difficult to find when we need them. And it can be difficult for the inexperienced to hear their voices and receive their healing. But the Tree Angels are still there, whispering to those who listen.

In this oracle card and book set, Fred Hageneder shares deep messages and wisdom from the Tree Angels of 36 different tree species, those from the old Celtic “Tree Alphabet” along with other well-known trees from all over the world. Each full-color card, illustrated by artist Anne Heng, features a specific tree and its angel, revealing the trees as unique beings, with their individual energy and radiance. Drawing on botanical and historical sources, in addition to the author’s vast experience with Tree Angels, the guidebook explains how to interpret the message of each Tree Angel card as well as how to use the cards. The trees featured include: Birch, Ash, Walnut, Elder, Holly, Rowan, Hawthorn, Oak, Aspen, Hazel, Juniper, Linden (Lime), Blackthorn, Yew, Field Maple, Elm, Black Poplar, Larch, White Willow, Scots Pine, Apple, Spruce, Ivy, Olive, Almond, Hornbeam, Beech, Cedar of Lebanon, Horse Chestnut, Sycamore, Alder, Pear, Pipal, Ginkgo, Cherry, and Myrrh.

Allowing you to renew your bond with the global tree family and receive answers to questions about our own life, the Tree Angel cards also offer the opportunity to heal the past and reconnect to the wisdom of these ancient, majestic, and gentle beings.


Nature Spirits and Tree Angels

Accounts of the hierarchy of nature spirits are, to the greatest extent, congruent with one another, even though they come from completely different parts of the Earth, and span thousands of years.

Tiny elemental spirits in their thousands, like numinous sparks of light, swirl through fire, air, water and earth. There are also somewhat more constant beings with a limited sphere of influence, who collaborate with architectural tasks such as the developing form of a blossom or an insect’s wing. One could describe these beings as the spiritual aspect of chromosomes or chemical messengers. There are larger beings who, for example, supervise the entire design of a tree, and then remain allied to that tree throughout its life-time. Such spirits were called dryads in ancient Greece. There are countless stories about how, when their trees are cut down, these beings at first protest, and then grieve, before finally passing away. Incidentally this is the reason that even up to the end of the 19th century many Alpine lumberjacks used to pray to a condemned tree for forgiveness the evening before felling it!

Ancient beliefs told how, if the dryad was properly forewarned, it would be able to assimilate into another tree of the same species, thereby allowing the spirit being to live a longer life and gain greater experience and wisdom. Fusing with a neighboring tree presents no difficulty for a Dryad because, unlike human beings, they don’t have an awareness of self, and are very much anchored into the Dryadic group soul.

This group soul exists independently from the life or death of individual trees. It is the spiritual formative impulse for a whole species, and lives outside the four dimensions of space and time. It is eternal and therefore indestructible. The old seers from India describe this form of angel as Arupadevas. To a certain extent we can compare them to the human Higher Self.

An ancient tree makes such an impression on us, not because it is so big, nor because of the size of its energetic field, but because it has had more time to bring into being the presence of the tree angel that works through that species. The spiritual world is more present than with a younger tree, as is the consciousness of the astral or soul being of the tree (the dryad). This situation enables the simpler nature spirits to arrange matter even more perfectly into an expression of the primeval character of this tree. In this way the spirit and soul life of nature is generated more by some trees than others. Certain places in ancient woodland have generated such an intense awareness that across all cultures generation after generation honored them as sacred groves. It was not humans that declared these groves to be sacred; they became so because of their own nature, because they were living embodiments of spirit unified with matter.


The Birch is life’s ancient yet eternally youthful nursemaid. Her spirit is a spark of the ancient mother who gives birth to creation. She brings light to the landscape and into the human heart. She comforts us with her graceful youth because she reminds us of the eternal regenerative power of nature: when the time comes, everything is transformed. It is never too late to begin again! This is her message.

Birch’s presence helps us to let go of the past, purify ourselves, and start afresh with an open heart and open arms. Don’t cling on to outmoded ideas, feelings of guilt, or constriction. Free yourself from the expectations of others and those you place on yourself. You are so much more than the limited picture you have of yourself. Hide nothing, be fearless. Accept and flow with the changes, sway in the breeze, bathe in the light and create yourself anew!

Without the presence of Birch, we become numb and stiff. We are paralyzed by the patterns of the past and fear change. If the situation becomes chronic, things deteriorate and become toxic. Mentally we become stubborn and dogmatic, and physically we develop illnesses such as rheumatism.

The Oracle

You stand naked before God

Newborn. Innocent.

Delve deep within, empty yourself.

Now open your eyes and see!

Follow your heart

And take your first step

Into a new world.


Walnut is one of the Earth’s ancient mothers because of the nourishment it provides. Of course, the walnut nourishes us in a material sense though its fruit, but its spiritual gift is wisdom. Coming into accord with the Walnut angel strengthens our foresight, understanding, sensitivity, and ability to empathize. This creates a healthy foundation for our powers of judgment and sense of justice. With the help of Walnut we draw the right conclusions from our experiences and attain a mature and deep understanding of life and its governing principles. Since time immemorial, the gentle power of Walnut has been honored for its contribution to our spiritual development.

Without the Walnut we act in a superficial, hasty, and shortsighted manner. Ignorance and coarseness gain the upper hand, which quickly leads to misunderstanding and injustice. All too often, this results in needless confrontation, quarrelling, and conflict.

The Oracle

Wait and watch.

Listen and learn.

No judgment, no action.

Every coin has two sides

Every problem three solutions.

Find the path

That in time will nourish all.

About The Author

Fred Hageneder is a leading expert in ethnobotany, specializing in the cultural and spiritual history of trees. He is a founding member of the Ancient Yew Group in Britain and a member of the Ecocentric Alliance. He is the author of 9 books as well as a musician who composes music dedicated to trees and nature. In 2022 he won the Kindred Spirit Award for Best Writer.

About The Illustrator

Anne Heng is a painter and illustrator, who specializes in painting on silk, which enables her to convey the quiet beauty of nature. She lives near the Taunus Mountains in Germany.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Earthdancer Books (April 2, 2020)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644110386

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Raves and Reviews

"The Tree Angel Oracle Deck has been re-released in this 2nd edition print. The set includes 36 full color glossy cards as well as the guidebook. Each card features a different tree species with a gentle and beautiful tree with its angel illustrated by artist Anne Heng. The reader can refer to the book written by Fred Hageneder to interpret the cards message. The guidebook instructs the reader how to use the cards, interpret the messages and some spread suggestions. The cards are lovely and well crafted. For those seeking to connect with tree spirit energy, I highly recommend picking up the deck."

– Amber Barnes,

“I am grateful for this deck, grateful for the window into deeper communion with trees that The Tree Angel Oracle offers. The cards are so beautifully illustrated by Anne Heng. The messages about the spiritual consciousness that is alive in trees is also beautiful – for this is something I very much believe in… I believe there is something profoundly magical and alive in these cards and there is a story to tell about discovering the consciousness in trees.”

– Carter Tracy, Indie Mystic

"Allowing you to renew your bond with the global tree family and receive answers to questions about our own life, the Tree Angel Oracle Deck also offer the opportunity to heal the past and reconnect to the wisdom of these ancient, majestic, and gentle beings."

– Anne Lewis, Metaphysical Guide to Tucson

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