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The Strange Night Writing of Jessamine Colter

When a young girl takes an interest in the talents of her small town’s elderly calligrapher, Jessie, the two discover a gift that teaches them a painful lesson about averting fate.

When eleven-year-old Callie Williams befriends Jessamine Colter, an elderly calligrapher, Callie becomes interested in her “fancy writing” and begins to learn about Jessie’s life as she’s spent nearly fifty years being the record keeper of their small town. Using her elegant calligraphy to provide church posters, restaurant menus, school diplomas and notices of births, marriages, and deaths, Jessie has had magical hands her whole life.

But when the pair discovers that they share a powerful gift that lets them see into the future by writing about events before they happen, Callie and Jessie begin to discover the pleasure and heartache that comes with rearranging fate.

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