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The Salem Witch Tryouts

Prudence Stewart loves her life at Beverley Hills High: she gets straight As, has a gorgeous boyfriend and she's captain of the cheerleading squad. Then poof! Her parents announce they're moving to Salem. Apparently, Pru descends from a long line of witches and it's time for her to learn the craft. Goodbye Beverley Hills High, hello Witch School!
Pru's sure she can keep her cool at her new school, but she soon finds herself failing witchcraft classes and, worst of all, messing up at cheerleading, which seems to involve a new kind of 'spirit' she just can't tap into.
It's time for Pru to cast a spell and prove she's just as enchanting as the next girl - and somehow make cheering tryouts a flying S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

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Kelly McClymer was born in South Carolina, but crossed the Mason-Dixon line to live in Delaware at age six. After one short stint living in South Carolina during junior high, she has remained above the line, and now lives in Maine with her husband and three children.

Writing has been Kelly's passion since her sixth grade essay on how to not bake bread earned her an A plus. After cleaning up the bread dough that oozed on to the floor, she gave up bread making for good and turned to writing as a creative outlet. A graduate of the University of Delaware (English major, of course) she spends her days writing and teaching writing. Look for her next book, The Salem Witch Tryouts, from Simon Pulse in Fall 2006.

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