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The New Sirian Revelations

Galactic Prophecies from the Sixth Dimension

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Teachings from the Sirian High Council to help humanity as we merge into the 4th dimension.

In 1996, while visiting the Julia Set crop circle in England, Patricia Cori experienced a galactic out-of-body journey—a transformational awakening that attuned her to a group of interdimensional light beings known to her as the Sirian High Council. Serving as their scribe now for more than 25 years, she shares the insights and teachings of these six-dimensional Sirian Light Emissaries to help humanity as we merge into the fourth dimension and face our collective karma—the source of so much of the dramatic events now unfolding around the world.

Sharing new revelations that affirm the veracity of past prophecies as well as transmitting new visions for the human race, Cori’s messages from higher realms empower readers to peer fearlessly into the darkness, to understand it, and to focus on the light for all humankind and the earth. She explains how the Sirians hold us to our responsibility as guardians of this planet, with sound direction and advice for how to survive our imminent collective ascension and global awakening to new levels of conscious awareness. The Sirians’ discussions explain what we are undergoing right now and delve into many of the most crucial issues of our time, including the rush to merge the human mind with artificial intelligence, ET disclosure, cloning, the slipping of time, and the dark forces that are losing their grip on our planet and humanity.

As the struggle between darkness and light is being fought at every level, Cori reminds us to take comfort in the fact that the Sirian High Council foresaw and told us how this time of immense upheaval would be the last phase of our passage out of the darkness and into illuminated states of consciousness and the light of planetary renewal.

About The Author

Patricia Cori is an internationally acclaimed author and thought leader; she is a frequent guest on radio and TV programs, including Coast to Coast AM and CNN. She and her expert guests discuss thought-provoking topics on her program Beyond the Matrix, available on her YouTube channel, and she also offers “The Divine Blueprint,” an online DNA activation and repair course. She is the author of more than a dozen books, including The Cosmos of the Soul. She lives in Portugal.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (January 4, 2024)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591434740

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Raves and Reviews

“A magnificent, comprehensive, and absolutely accurate description of the state of the Earth at this time. In this time of extreme chaos on our planet, reading this book could save your sanity. Cori’s absolutely pure voice offers us a clear sense of direction! As a mature and highly complex channel, Patricia has integrated the intense Sirian communications deeply into her own heart, thus she speaks from her heart.”

– Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Pleiadian Agenda and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

“Infinite in its extent, The New Sirian Revelations presages a planetary renewal that significantly and convincingly bridges the Cosmos and the collective consciousness of our global human community.”

– Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center and author of Spiritual Li

“Her extraordinary vision and the way she communicates her truth to her readers will make Patricia Cori a staple in every library.”

– Donald Newsom, president of BBS Network, Inc.

“The Speakers of the Sirian High Council have transmitted to us a deep-dive corroboration of the science-based discovery of the Omniverse.”

– Alfred Lambremont Webre, author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe

“Twenty years ago a remarkable series of transmissions began from a six-dimensional collective, the Sirian High Council, to their scribe: Patricia Cori. This latest book is a most worthy successor to the original trilogy of Sirian Revelations and it is, quite simply, the best and most important book I have ever encountered. Each word radiates truth and illumines the path before us. If I could bring only one book with me to a desert island, it would be this.”

– Bruce Steffek, psychotherapist and coauthor of Helping People Change

“We must pay attention to Patricia Cori’s messages from the Sirian High Council; our emergence into the galactic phase of coexistence is upon us and discernment in our communication, especially telepathically, is a priority. Listen closely and without reservation to their guidance about our ascension, and heed their warnings—lest you get caught unaware and fall back into the matrix. Minus sugar coating, boldly unveiled in The New Sirian Revelations is our final step toward complete sovereignty . . . a must-read!”

– Debbie West, journalist, cohost of Lost Knowledge radio show

“Patricia Cori has once again shown me the intense love the Sirian High Council holds for us—in very rich language, on a variety of subjects that describe, in a most intricate way, the beauty that awaits humanity. What they share in The New Sirian Revelations has touched me on the deepest level possible, broadening my perspective of our cosmic reality and accelerating my awakening.”

– Maarten Horst, founder of ET-First Contact Radio

The New Sirian Revelations is the ultimate quantum journey, a wakeup call for our times. From galaxies to gravity, wonder and pragmatism unite in this tour of the universe. This is a must-read for anyone willing to make a choice. Consumer or caretaker? Ultimately, this book inspires hope: an empowering guide for a new heart-centered world. Patricia Cori excels as channel and scribe—bridging the Sirians’ multidimensional perspective into a page-turning read.”

– Mags MacKean, author of The Upside Down Mountain

“A powerfully honest, yet loving, six-dimensional wake-up call to all beings of our sun system: human, earthly, and cosmic. During this paramount time in our collective unfolding and ascension, The New Sirian Revelations offers us awareness of the greater picture and a choice to play our important part in the symphony and song of Creation. What a gift Patricia Cori has brought through for humanity!”

– Kristin Hoffmann, composer, producer, and performing artist

“I’ve read all of Patricia Cori’s books and loved every one of them—but this is the absolute best yet. I consider The New Sirian Revelations to be one of the two most important books I have read in my life—the other being The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. Filled with vision, hope, and truth, Cori’s book is a must-read for every conscious being on the planet!”

– Peter Brightman, CEO of the International Entertainment Corporation

“The book is incredible. . . . It really blows my mind.”

– Jimmy Church, host of Fade to Black radio show

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