The Everything Health Guide To Thyroid Disease

Professional Advice on Getting the Right Diagnosis, Managing Your Symptoms, And Feeling Great

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About The Book

The Everything Health Guide to Thyroid Disease, cowritten by acclaimed thyroid specialist, Theodore C. Friedman, is the authoritative handbook you need to help you live with this disease.

You'll learn about:

  • How the thyroid functions and dysfunctions
  • Who is at risk for thyroid disease
  • Well-known thyroid disorders - hyper, hypo, and Grave's disease
  • Far-reaching effects (weight loss and gain, anxiety, depression)
  • Treatments and living with the disease
Complete with a glossary, additional resources, and even a section on thyroid disease in children, The Everything Health Guide to Thyroid Disease is the complete guide for everyday healthy living.

Product Details
  • Publisher: Everything (October 2006)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781605503059

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