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The Easy Way to Learn Astrology

How to Read Your Birth Chart

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

• Explains key astrological terms and concepts in an uncomplicated and easy-to-understand way, from the 4 Elements to the 12 Zodiac Signs to the Houses

• Shows how to read a birth chart step-by-step with the methods of psychological astrology, allowing you to quickly identify personality traits

• Includes sample charts and interpretations to help you get started

Learning to read a birth chart—to understand the patterns and interactions of the planets at the moment we were born—can be daunting, especially when studying astrology through traditional systems.

Presenting a simple way to learn astrology, professional astrologer and astropsychologist Alison Chester-Lambert breaks down the complexities of a birth chart into easy-to-understand pieces, revealing how to quickly decode a person’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities with psychological astrology. Simply noting the Masculine–Feminine balance of Zodiac Signs in a chart can already reveal much about a person. Focusing on Zodiac Signs and Houses, Alison explains how to interpret the Ascendant, or Rising Sign, in a birth chart as well as the meaning of each House and which Element it is ruled by. In addition, with each of the four Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water ruling over specific Zodiac Signs, we can get insight into individual personality traits based on the Elements present in a birth chart. Personality keywords for each Element help shed light on the motivation behind a person’s actions and choices.

With psychological astrology not only revealing the spiritual structure of the Cosmos but also the intricacies of human behavior, this guide will enable you to begin reading charts right away.

About The Author

Alison Chester-Lambert, MA, studied Greek literature and mythology at the University of Wales where she graduated with a master’s degree with distinction in cultural astronomy and astrology. As an astrologer, she is a regular contributor to the UK’s Daily Mail Online, has written columns for many leading astrology and spiritual magazines, and has BBC and American TV credits including The Daily Politics Show on BBC2. She lives in Tamworth, England.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (June 11, 2024)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9798888500408

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Raves and Reviews

“Concentrating solely on Signs and Houses makes total sense, and it’s fun, too. Alison’s casual and entertaining style of writing takes the reader by the hand and allays any fears of a supposedly complex subject. What you get is in-depth knowledge of the twelve zodiac signs, including polarities, elements, and qualities, plus the workings and meanings of the two main axes, quadrants, and twelve houses in the chart. As an introduction to astrology, this is a great book.”

– KARIN HOFFMANN, editor for Astrodienst on

“Alison taught me astrology using this system and it immediately clicked. Now I am a paid astrological influencer on YouTube. I highly recommend it to reach professional status.”

– PENNY DIX, astrologer and psychotherapist

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