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The Dark Judges: The Fall of Deadworld

Published by 2000 AD
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Is it possible for the living to evade to cold, icy grasp of Death? Deadworld was once a planet similar to Earth, until Judge Death and his brothers Fear, Fire and Mortis deemed that as only the living could break the law, life itself should be a crime. As the Dark Judges set out to bring extinction to this parallel world, Judge Fairfax and a family of farmers attempt to escape the chaos. Is it possible for the living to evade to cold, icy grasp of Death? This chilling collection also features the Dreams of Deadworld strips, giving an extraordinary insight into the undead psyches of the internationally famous super-fiends. * The never-before-collected Fall Of Deadworld story-line, shining new light on internationally-beloved villains, The Dark Judges. * Includes the untold origins of The Dark Judges - including Judge Dredd arch-nemesis Judge Death. * "Beautifully illustrated" - Down The Tubes * "Definitely some of the most terrifying characters in comics" - Comics Alliance * "What was most shocking was how plausible and familiar the setting is. I guess what I mean is that this isn't a science fiction pre-dystopia. It's like Trump's Presidency circa 2019 pre-dystopia." - * Previous Titles: 9781781083192 Judge Dredd: Dark Justice; 9781906735890 Judge Death: Death Lives; 9781907519901 Judge Death: The Life and Death of

Kek-W is the writer and co-creator of The Order and The Fall of Deadworld for 2000 AD. He recently wrote Cap’n Dinosaur for Image Comics with artist Shaky Kane, as well as contributing to Wire magazine and Commando. He lives in Yeovil, South Somerset.

As well as being responsible for the morbid reimagining of the Dark Judges and their world as co-creator of The Fall of Deadworld, Dave Kendall has lent his visionary artistic talents to 2000 AD with several one-off stories. He was also the artist of Psycho Killer for Toxic! and has worked extensively as a fantasy illustrator for clients including Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast.

  • Publisher: 2000 AD (November 30, 2017)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781781086032

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