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The Brotherhood of Man

After growing up to be very different people, four men tackle the challenges of relationships, the Italian mafia, and the FBI while showing everyone around them what it takes to be a true friend.

Alex Blue, Cyprus Kane, Anthony Games, and Lorenzo Dali were inseparable as children. Now a photographer, a jazz artist, a professional thief, and a detective, their friendship is complex and complicated. Alexander Blue struggles with both depression and obsession with the love of his life. Lorenzo Dali is the reincarnation of Miles Davis and he has the attitude to match. Anthony and Cyprus are criminal and cop, friend and foe, and it's only a matter of time before their relationship comes to an explosive conclusion.

The drama that unfolds between the four friends is fast-paced and gripping. Author Kimani Kinyua creates twists and turns that will leave readers speechless and eager to discover who makes it to the end and who doesn't.

Kimani Kinyua has lived in Washington D.C., for more than fifteen years. He graduated from Howard University in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He is currently a computer programmer and has written numerous technology-related articles for trade magazines.