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The 5 Rules of Thought

How to Use the Power of Your Mind To Get What You Want


We are what we think. Thought is the most powerful tool we have for bringing change into our lives. Psychic and healer Mary T. Browne draws on more than 20 years' experience studying the ancient wisdom of the world's spiritual cultures to offer readers a precise programme for applying the power of thought to get the things they want. The 5 Rules of Thoughttakes you beyond positive thinking, creative visualisation and the law of attraction to an understanding of what you can do to transform your life by transforming your thoughts. With inspiring case studies, wonderfully relaxing meditation techniques and original ideas for working with your emotions, this life-changing book will give readers everything they need to bring about positive results and desired goals.

Mary T. Browne is an accomplished psychic and spiritual healer. She has appeared on numerous American networks and written features for many magazines and newspapers including Elle, Vogue and the New York Times. She lives in New York City.