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Talking Dirty Laundry With The Queen Of Clean


Once upon a time, in a world fraught with shrinking jeans, dry-cleaning debacles, and endangered delicates, laundry was a dreaded chore. Then one happy day, the Queen of Clean put an end to the vicious wash-and-dry cycle - with her all-new collection of ingenious tips and natural solutions for stress-free washing, ironing, sorting and stain-busting!

Let the Queen show you how to:

* Remove spots, stains, scorch marks and odours * Soften hard water and save clothes from a dull, grey fate * Make your own fabric softener sheets in a snap * Say good-bye to pink socks with a foolproof colourfastness test * Line-dry clothes without hanger lumps or clothespin marks * Decipher those fabric care symbols on clothing tags * Get the scoop on home dry-cleaning kits * Discover the secrets to lint-free drying and quick fixes for when tissues, crayons and other foreign bodies take a spin in the dryer

The Queen provides a complete stain removal guide and ransacks your cupboard for amazing, inexpensive spot removers including lemon juice, meat tenderiser, WD-40, salt, shaving cream... and more! Whether you turn around family-sized wash loads seven days a week, air your dirty laundry at the local launderette, or are among the seriously 'laundry challenged,' consult the Queen for no-nonsense advice and fabulous results!

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Previously the owner of a cleaning and disaster-restoration business in Michigan, dealing with the aftermath of fires and floods, Linda Cobb started sharing her cleaning tips in a local newspaper column. After moving to Phoenix she became a weekly guest on Good Morning Arizona—then the product endorsements and requests for appearances started rolling in. A featured guest on radio and television shows across the country, Linda Cobb lives in Phoenix with her husband.

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