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Star Trek Trivia Book

Star Trek All Series

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1. How many tribbles did Spock calculate had bred aboard Deep Space Station K-7?

2. What type of life-form was the Caretaker?

A. Sporocystian B. Solanagen C. Silicon D. Unidentifiable

3. In which episode is a deaf mediator the key to ending a war that has persisted for fifteen centuries?

4. Match the ship with its appropriate registry number:

A. U.S.S. Voyageri. NX-74205

B. U.S.S. Defiantii. NX-2000

C. U.S.S. Pegasusiii. NCC-74656

D. U.S.S. Excelsioriv. NCC-53847

5. Name:

A. Sulu's daughter C. Kira's father

B. Troi's older sister D. Tuvok's wife

The answers to those questions and many others are just pages away in The DefinitiveStar Trek Trivia Book,the ultimate collection of memory testers, brainteasers, and mind-bending minutiae from thirty-four years of movies and TV series. More than two thousand fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions, and matching questions are organized into themed chapters such as "Galactic History," "About the Crews," "Alien Species," "Star TrekScience," and "Command Questions." This jam-packed, fun-filled illustrated trivia book is just what devoted Star Trekfans have always wanted: the means to test themselves and one another on one of the richest and most complex fictional universes ever created.

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