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Soul Making

The Realization of the Mystical Life

Published by Inner Traditions
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A profound guide to embracing your Divine nature

• Explains how to embrace the paradox of the spiritual path—that we are already reflections of the Divine—and manifest our soul’s transcendent nature in everyday life

• Provides contemplative and philosophical tools to support the journey to experience the Sacred

• Explores mythic stories of soul development and intuition found in Maya and Pythagorean traditions, ancient Egyptian thought, and Zoroastrianism

In the mind of the Divine, every person has Infinite, Eternal, and Absolute Worth. But how do we manifest our transcendent nature in everyday life? How can we construct our lives in the material world so they reflect the Divine nature of our souls?

Through his own story of spiritual self-realization, Douglas M. Gillette explores the paradox that lies at the heart of the quest for union with the Divine. As the author explains, those of us on the mystical path are each working on our souls to better reflect their Divine nature, yet we are already reflections of the Divine. To help you embrace this paradox on your spiritual journey the author provides mythic stories of soul development and intuition from Maya and Pythagorean traditions, ancient Egyptian thought, and Zoroastrianism. He shows how embracing the power of emotions like wonder, dread, and awe provide a mirror allowing us to see ourselves as infinite and immortal persons on finite and mortal adventures of becoming attuned to our deepest divine self. In addition to myth, the author’s personal synthesis of theistic Neoplatonism and Panentheism provides readers with the contemplative tools necessary to fulfill their mystical journey.

Bringing together a wide range of contrasting worldviews and sometimes-controversial ideas assumed to be in opposition, the author shows how unifying views that are often considered polar opposites is a primary vehicle for actualizing our core purpose as souls in the physical world. He deeply investigates the emergence of personhood as we build our material lives and explores how images of God and the Divine are rememberings of the Infinite and Immortal Person within which we all are contained.

Seeking to convey the thrill of actually entering into the Sacred, Gillette details the philosophical and mystical path of soul making, the paradoxical journey of becoming in the physical world what we already are in the infinity and eternity of the Divine Psyche.

About The Author

Douglas M. Gillette, M.A.R.S., M.Div., has a Master of Religious Studies degree from the University of Chicago and a Master of Divinity degree from the Chicago Theological Seminary. He taught in the Emeritus Program at Oakton College for nearly two decades as well as serving as a pastor, pastoral counselor, and a Jungian-influenced life guide. The bestselling author of several books, including King, Warrior, Magician, Lover coauthored with Robert Moore, he lives in the Chicago area with his wife.

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