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Sonar en grande (Dream BIG!)

Una guia para enfrentar los desafios de la vida y crear la vida que usted merece (A Roadmap for Facing Life's Challenges and Creating the Life You Deserve)

Deborah Rosado Shaw, successful Puerto Rican businesswoman, gives insight on working women in the business world while sharing how readers can reach their goals and achieve success.

Deborah Rosado Shaw grew out of a difficult and daunting childhood into the head of a multimillion-dollar business, becoming living proof that no matter how humble your beginnings or difficult your circumstances, it is always possible to defy the odds and build the life you deserve.

In the pages of Sonar en Grande, Deborah shares of her journey from the poorest congressional district in America to the CEO of her own enterprise.

This gripping testimonial to the stamina of the human spirit shares tips on how to get focused, stop fighting fear, and play beyond the rules as Deborah paints an invigorating and illuminating portrait of how to make life happen for you, instead of just letting it happen to you.