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So, You Want to Work in Fashion?

How to Break into the World of Fashion and Design


Have a passion for fashion? This comprehensive guide can help you land your dream job in the world of fashion and design.

Fashion is more than fun—it holds a wide array of career opportunities! From high-profile jobs like clothing designer, model, and fashion photographer to the not-so-well-known professions of fabric cutter and colorist, So, You Want to Work in Fashion? explores a wide world of possibilities that are thrilling and fulfilling.

In addition to tips and interviews from a variety of fashion professionals, So, You Want to Work in Fashion? includes inspiring stories from young people who are in the industry right now, as well as activities, a glossary, and resources to help you on your way to a successful career in fashion.

Photography by Gislaine Przepiora

Patricia Wooster is a published author and fact-checker. She has written several nonfiction children’s books and was nominated for Science Books & Film Best Children’s Books of 2011. She lives in Tampa with her husband, Scot, and two boys, Max and Jack.

"A wonderfully comprehensive, accessible and realistic entree into the dynamic world of fashion."

– Kirkus Reviews

"Breezy and fun to browse, this is best shared with younger teens just beginning to consider potential careers."

– Voya

"Short chapters and conversational writing make this an accessible, realistic, and practical introduction to an extremely competitive industry."

– Magan Szwarek, Booklist

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