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Secret Valentine

Book #6 of TGIF

No one knows who Lexie's admirer is...not even Lexie!
Lexie Taylor will be crushed if she doesn't receive any valentines. Her friends Kaitlin Durham and Emily Delgado already have cards from secret admirers. Not wanting to be left out, Lexie comes up with the perfect plan-she'll send herself a valentine.
Then Lexie realizes her friends are expecting her to dance with her admirer at the big Valentine's Day dance. Now she has to come up with a cute boy, or Kaitlin and Emily will know that she lied. When the girls discover who really sent the valentines, it's only the beginning of the most mixed-up Valentine's Day ever!

Janet Quin-Harkin has written over fifty books for teenagers, including the best-seller Ten-Boy Summer. She is the author of the Friends series, and The Boyfriend Club series. She has also written several romances. Ms. Quin-Harkin lives with her husband in San Rafael, California. She has four children. In addition to writing books, she teaches creative writing at a nearby college.