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Quantum Spirituality

Science, Gnostic Mysticism, and Connecting with Source Consciousness

Foreword by James Redfield
Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

From the dawn of history, a universal wisdom tradition has existed that explains humanity’s purpose in the cosmos and our relationship to the Master Source Consciousness. This mystical philosophy was harnessed by the ancient seers known as Gnostics, who were in direct contact with Source Consciousness. As Peter Canova reveals, not only do the ancient teachings of Gnosticism contain important spiritual truths, but they profoundly align with the modern sciences of quantum physics and psychology. They can also provide us with a transformative path to higher consciousness and practical tools to create your own reality.

Merging modern science and ancient wisdom, Canova explores the perennial principles of Gnosticism and shows how they describe major theories of quantum physics, such as the Big Bang, parallel universes, the Holographic Universe theory, and Einstein’s Relativity. He recounts the Gnostic story of Sophia from a scientific standpoint, showing how it describes the fall of spiritual consciousness into material existence. He also provides in-depth evidence that Jesus taught a hidden, mystical Gnostic initiation rite.

Explaining how the Master Consciousness created and shaped all life, including humans, the author reveals how Source gave us a critical role to fulfill in the cosmos, including the ability of our thoughts to affect the material world. He describes Carl Jung’s role in the spiritualization of psychology and how this can be used by the modern spiritual seeker to pursue a path of enlightenment and personal fulfillment.

Ultimately showing how enlightenment is a process wherein outer manifestations arise from inner experience--including synchronicity and dreams--the author reveals how each of us can harness the power of quantum spirituality to transform our world on both an individual and collective level.


From INTRODUCTION: Consciousness, Hidden Dimensions, and You

Something has come back from the grave to which it was consigned over two thousand years ago. It was buried away by the hands of men bent on suppressing perhaps the greatest secret of all time. It was not a demon. Neither was it the arc of the covenant. It was a virtual prophecy so powerful that, in the right hands, it could provide the key to the Holy Grail sought by modern quantum science—solving the mystery of Creation itself.

This ancient wisdom is mysterious. Viewed in isolation it would be hard for most to understand, but it just happened to be the missing piece of a larger puzzle. Like a fantasy movie where several keys must be recovered to open the magic door and unleash the power of the higher forces, this ancient bit of puzzle fit snugly between other already discovered pieces. Now the picture was complete. Everything meshed together. The entire puzzle revealed a striking picture, and it unleashed information that could transform the world.

The missing piece was a body of ancient mystical wisdom. The surrounding pieces awaiting its arrival were sciences such as quantum physics, biology, genetics, and psychology. Together they describe how Creation operates in a way that no single one of them could do alone. For the first time, we have all the information necessary to accomplish virtual miracles in our lives, control our fears, and begin to approach the mastery of sages past, like Jesus of Nazareth.

This is Quantum Spirituality, the merging of modern science and ancient wisdom. You may ask, why haven’t I heard about any of this before?

Well, let me tell you the story of its obscure beginnings. It started in Egypt in 1945, the year the first atomic bomb was dropped . . .

Egyptian peasant brothers approached the limestone caves in the desert, poking the ground with sticks. They were on the outskirts of the town of Nag Hammadi in the lower reaches of the Jabal al-Tarif, a mountain riddled with numerous caves. Some of the caves were natural, others were carved into the mountain or used as ancient graves dating back over 4,000 years.

“I still have not seen any sabakh,” one brother said, referring to a type of soil useful for fertilizing crops.

“Look here,” another brother, Muhammad ‘Ali al-Samman, called out, pointing to something near the mouth of one of the caves.

As the others approached, they saw an earthenware jar about a meter high. The men stood for a while, studying the urn.

“Let us open it,” one of them said.

“No!” Muhammad replied. “We may release an evil jinn from captivity.”

This caused them to pause. “You know what this place is. This could contain gold,” said one brother.

The men argued for a time, but then Muhammad raised his mattock and struck the jar. It was neither gold nor a jinn, but thirteen leather-bound papyrus books written in Coptic that tumbled from the shattered vessel.

Examining the books, one brother said, “These are for Christians. We have nothing to do with these.”

Disappointed but still hopeful, Muhammad ‘Ali al-Samman took the books back home, thinking they might yet profit from them in some way. He dumped the books and loose-leaf pages of papyrus onto some straw on the floor. In the ensuing weeks, the brothers’ mother, Umm-Ahmad, would burn much of the discovery as kindling for her oven.

But something else burned in the al-Samman household—the desire for revenge. A man named Ahmed Isma’il had killed the brothers’ father. Their mother urged them to take revenge on the man who had widowed her, and this the brothers did with a grisly vengeance. They dismembered Isma’il, hacked out his heart, and reportedly devoured it in a gruesome act of blood revenge.

The police started investigating the murder. Fearing they would search the family’s home and find the books, Muhammad asked a local Coptic priest, al-Qummus Basiliyus ‘Abd al Masih, to keep the texts. The Copts were people closest to the original Egyptians, who adhered to Christianity after the Muslim Arabic conquest. A local history teacher, Raghib Andrawus, somehow caught wind of the books and, upon seeing them, suspected they might be of value. He obtained one from the priest and sent it to Cairo.

Some of the texts came into the possession of Phokios Tanos, a Cypriot antiquities dealer, and then under the eyes of Jean Doresse, a French Egyptologist. Parts of the Nag Hammadi discovery eventually made their way to America and Europe, where wide-eyed scholars began to recognize that these were the original writings of the fabled Gnostic masters.

The Gnostics were the original Christian mystics who claimed to possess the keys to understanding the secret teachings of Jesus. Much evidence supported the existence of such teachings, including explicit passages from the Bible (which we’ll discuss in detail in chapter eight).

I use the word “fabled” because the Orthodox Catholic church, fearing Gnostic teachings would undermine the authority of their priesthood, completely destroyed the Gnostics and their works. They were so thorough that, before the discoveries at Nag Hammadi, the primary understanding we had of the Gnostics was through the writings of their orthodox persecutors.

The fact of the gospels having been hidden away in graveyard caves is evidence of the systemic suppression of the explosive knowledge they contained. The prevailing theory is that monks from the nearby Orthodox monastery of St. Pachomius hid the texts after orders from Athanasius, the bishop of Alexandria, gave stern warnings against any Gnostic influences.

Yet, now, thanks to the (random?) discovery and bloody actions of some Egyptian peasants, a 2,000-year-old genie had indeed appeared out of the jar—but not of the kind the brothers had feared. An ancient wisdom teaching branded as heresy by the Orthodox church had been loosed upon the modern world—not to its detriment, but to its great benefit.

Astonishing information jumps from the pages of the lost gospels, information that eerily reflects modern theories of quantum physics and insights of modern psychology concerning the Creation, the hidden nature of reality, and the origins of consciousness. This information supports what has been called the “Perennial Philosophy,” the common threads of mystical wisdom that run through every culture in every age, which can be summarized as follows:

◆ A Master Consciousness exists that is the source of every object and dimension visible or invisible, including our material world. In pop-cultural terms, we call it “the force.”

◆ Our personal consciousness is a part of this Master Creative force.

◆ This force seems concealed from us, and there is a reason.

◆ The solid, 3D world has no objective reality independent of our consciousness observing and creating it.

◆ We are living in a simulated matrix, like a holographic illusion.

◆ Anyone can use the knowledge of these things to benefit their life.

How Can This Book Help You?

The statements above are pretty incredible, yes? Even counterintuitive to our everyday experience. However, if you think these matters are too fantastic or abstract to be useful, this book will make these issues less abstract and highly useful. The force has secrets to be revealed, and solving the toughest mysteries yields the greatest benefits. The most surprising thing you’ll find is that all the wisdom we need lies sleeping inside of us. As Jesus said, “. . . nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Each of us carries the story of the universe inside us. Our task, therefore, is to remember and consolidate the knowledge we already possess in the recesses of our being. So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’ll take ancient Gnostic mystical wisdom and combine it with understandable quantum physics and psychology. You will see how they’ve all been saying the same thing about hidden forces and dimensions, despite 2,000-year gaps. This will give you a road map to gain some valuable leverage on life.

After adding the sum of these parts, I’m going to demonstrate that a Master Consciousness (you can call it any name you want) is the foundation of all things, including you and me. You’ll see that we are important parts of this all-powerful, intelligent force but, like the central character in the science fiction movie Dune, we must first awaken the “sleeper within.” Awakening this force will have world-altering effects on both you and the world at large.

As I write this, the coronavirus is devastating lives. Though it certainly has serious physical manifestations for some, fear and hysteria will end up harming far more people, lingering like nuclear fallout, long after the virus is under control.

I have no cure for viruses, but once we remove the clouds of mystery and complexity surrounding our existence, we get an astonishing view of hidden realities. This will help us navigate our lives with less fear and better decision-making in a challenging world. Such insights give us a sense that, when we face life’s greatest trials, we’re going to come out just fine—and that’s not just a statement of faith. Once you’re tuned in, you step beyond faith to know this statement to be true. This book shares the reasons why this is true from a scientific as well as a metaphysical standpoint.

This book will lift curtains to understanding our existence and help you gain more control over your life. It’s about feeling more on top of life rather than being on the bottom. It will help you tap into sources of greater creativity. It will enable you to play life smarter, which leads to happier, more fearless, and more fulfilled lives.
Most people think reality is what the five senses can detect, but that’s a very limited view. We’re going to look beyond the apparent because if you slow-trot through life thinking it’s one way but it’s really another, you’re working against the flow, not with it. To take advantage of life, we need to acquire knowledge about forces beyond the five senses. Therefore, we’re going to look beyond superficial reality.

About The Author

Peter Canova is an international businessman who decided to write novels after undergoing a series of spiritual experiences that altered the course of his life. In the early 2000’s he won a Grand Literary Prize for his very first short story at the highly respected Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. Shortly thereafter, he took first place out of 500 entries in Francis Ford Coppola’s online Zoetrope magazine for his first publicly circulated short story, The Blood of our Departed.

Peter’s fictional series, The First Souls Trilogy is a saga about the first fall of spirit consciousness into material existence. The books have won 25 literary awards including Nautilus, Writer’s Digest, and Eric Hoffer. Peter has also been honored as a Chicken Soup for the Soul author.

Quantum Spirituality, Peter’s latest book, describes the origin, purpose, and destiny of humanity grounded on quantum science and an ancient universal spiritual tradition lost to the West for two thousand years. As an author and national speaker, he demonstrates how the Gnostic texts used myth—the narrative device of its time—to describe the Big Bang, Parallel Universes, Holographic Universe Theory, Einstein’s Relativity, and Jung’s theory of the unconscious mind. His conclusion is that one conscious intelligent force is responsible for all creation and the material world is a virtual simulation where humans are part of the infinite force that shapes material reality as we perceive it. Peter describes his work as a roadmap to help people gain experiences with higher consciousness. People have called Peter the real-life Robert Langdon after the main character of the Da Vinci Code. Like the fictional character, Peter is recovering and decoding the complexities of quantum physics and the secret wisdom of mystical texts such as the Kabbalah and the once-forbidden Gnostic Gospels. He does so in a manner few scholars have done before. His material is grounded in science spiritual wisdom and his own startling personal spiritual encounters.

Peter has been the subject of numerous radio and television interviews. He has appeared three times on the nationally popular Coast to Coast show with George Noory. He has been a keynote speaker at national events and appeared on stage with many noted personalities in the consciousness-raising field. He transforms these complex concepts into page-turning learning material making the information accessible to the average reader. He hopes that this knowledge will help people envision a new personal consciousness paradigm that transcends dogmatic religion and materialistic science.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (March 30, 2023)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591434634

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Raves and Reviews

Quantum Spirituality stirs me in a special way. I love Peter’s concepts relating to the mysterious and mystical aspects of life. It resonates with my own experience. It is a pleasure for me to see the remarkably incisive knowledge that Peter has crystallized in Quantum Spirituality to help us see and accept the true underlying nature of life. Please read it, and let it become a part of your life experience too.”

– Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of No Endings, Only Beginnings and Three Men, Six Lives

Quantum Spirituality is the most complete merger of science and ancient wisdom I have ever encountered. The result is the stuff of dreams, a magical story of the origins of humanity and our place in Creation. It reads like a visitor’s guide to the Matrix, covering all angles--the spiritual, the scientific, and the psychological.”

– Betsy Chasse, co-creator of the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?

“Peter Canova’s book Quantum Spirituality is not just another take on the supremacy of consciousness. Solidly anchored in Gnostic Christianity, Jungian psychology, and cutting-edge science, it is a worthy addition to the rapidly growing body of literature that is reintroducing contemporary culture to the Perennial Philosophy, couching it in modern language and thought patterns. This is an important book that, although thoroughly accessible, needs to be read slowly and carefully digested. It deals with nothing less than the very explanation and meaning of life in our perception realm.”

– Jim Willis, author of The Quantum Akashic Field

Quantum Spirituality is a riveting, epic saga. It is a grand tale of our creation told in a mythic, spiritual, and scientific story that enlightens the reader about the mysteries of human existence. Its pages are rich with startling information that exposes the illusions of commonly accepted reality. The author merges spiritual insights derived from ancient mystics with modern quantum theory to create highly plausible concepts that ring true to every mindset, from the spiritually inclined to the logically grounded. Quantum Spirituality will provide every reader with life-altering knowledge essential to propel their own soul journey.”

– Scott Carlin, former president of HBO Domestic Television Distribution

"This ambitious and fascinating book is a succinct message to us all. Quantum Spirituality outlines a journey critical for our evolution and could accelerate our awakening. Peter Canova seeks to resolve some of the most rivalrous debates in history: those over the true meaning of human life and spirituality."

– James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

With a special and particular relevance to readers with an interest in Gnosticism, Quantum Theory, New Age Metaphysics, and Unexplained Mysteries, Quantum Spirituality: Science, Gnostic Mysticism, and Connecting with Source Consciousness is an especially informative, insightful, and thought-provoking contribution for personal, professional, community, and academic library collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists. It should be noted for students, academia, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in these subjects that Quantum Spirituality is also readily available in a digital book format (Kindle, $13.99).

– Midwest Book Review

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