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Oscar Season


The Pinnacle is the place to stay during the Oscars, and this year the pre-Awards crises have reached fever pitch: a very recognizable body is found in the pool, Hollywood's leading man is secretly holed up in the Presidential Suite, and the larger-than-life producer of the Oscars will stop at nothing for higher ratings. A consummate professional, the hotel's PR manager Juliette Greyson must do a careful dance to save the hotel while somehow sparing herself and her famed clientele in the process. But first Juliette must figure out what is real and what is staged? Who is lying and who is acting? And when does murder stop being murder, and start becoming damn good publicity?

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Mary McNamara has worked for the LOS ANGELES TIMES for seventeen years, writing extensively about the inner workings of Hollywood. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.

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