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Love Smart

Find the One You Want - Fix the One You Got

If you are one of those people who is sleeping alone in a double bed; if you are walking down the street thinking, How do I meet THAT guy?; if you often find yourself at a table for one, looking at all the happy couples around you; if you're on your 20th date and have no idea if he wants to get serious; if you're in a serious relationship and he keeps saying, I'm almost ready... then this book is for you.
Dr Phil won't let single people fall back on the old excuses: I'm too fat/skinny/dumb/nerdy/boring for anyone to want me; dating seems so pointless, it never goes anywhere. Lose the excuses; if what you want is a loving, committed relationship, you need to get out there, find the right person, and create the circumstances to make it happen. Candid and thorough as ever, Dr Phil shows you how to navigate the world of dating today, from finding the right online dating service for you and creating a successful profile, to being honest with yourself about compatible mates, to understanding emotional and sexual gender differences. In his classic straight talk, Dr Phil shows you how to: present yourself to the best of your potential; pinpoint what it is you need in life without having unrealistic expectations; define your ideal mate and look in the right places.
This is the book that singles have been waiting for!

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Dr Phillip C. McGraw is best known to millions as 'Dr Tell It Like It Is' from OPRAH and as the author of the bestselling LIFE STRATEGIES and RELATIONSHIP RESCUE. He has trained thousands of people in effective life skills seminars and is one of the most sought-after public speakers.

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK (January 3, 2006)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780743285261