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Lead Bigger

The Transformative Power of Inclusion

About The Book

Drawing from over three decades of experience, former CEO of AT&T Business Anne Chow shares how to lead bigger by leveraging inclusion beyond DEI, to elevate your work, workforce, and workplace.

For generations, when we’ve needed to innovate and grow, we’ve been told to “think bigger”—it’s now time to Lead Bigger.

In a world that’s become more interconnected yet polarized, inclusion has been overly politicized and narrowly defined to issues of gender and race. As a result, we need a new approach to inclusive leadership that goes beyond DEI, harnessing its power for innovation and growth. In Lead Bigger, Anne Chow reframes inclusion as the required leadership competency of expanding our perspectives for greater performance in our work, workforce, and workplace.

As former CEO of AT&T Business, she was the first woman of color to hold the position of CEO in the company’s over one hundred and forty year history. Chow draws from her expertise in transforming organizations to teach you how to create a dynamic environment that engages everyone you and your company interact with—as well as those you wish to be connected to—while adapting to the ever-changing world. This book equips you with the necessary tools to expand your inclusive leadership skills, including prompts, tactics, and enriching insights from leadership visionaries General Stanley McChrystal, Arianna Huffington, and Adam Grant.

Chow illuminates a seismic shift in the business world, in which a more humanistic approach is required as technology upends work as we know it. If you’re committed to advancing work that matters, engaging a dynamic workforce, and fostering an agile workplace, you’re ready to Lead Bigger.

About The Author

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Anne Chow was named CEO of AT&T Business in September 2019, making her the first woman to hold that position and the first woman of color CEO in AT&T’s history. She oversaw more than 35,000 employees who collectively serve 3 million business customers worldwide. She is currently Lead Director on the board of Franklin Covey and serves on the board of 3M. Chow is a Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and coauthor of The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and actively supports numerous local and national organizations. 

Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster (September 10, 2024)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781668024027

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Raves and Reviews

“Magnificent! Anne Chow has written a bona fide leadership masterpiece. Lead Bigger brilliantly illuminates the transformative power of inclusive leadership. Through compelling narratives, practical insights, and many real-world examples, this book focuses on abundance, empowerment, caring, belonging, impact, and growth. There is room for all under the “big tent” of inclusivity where every voice is not only heard but also valued and recognized. Authentic and innovative, Anne Chow’s own leadership example shows us the way! Every manager, every leader, every person who works with others should read this wonderful book.”
STEPHEN M.R. COVEY, New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Trust & Inspire

“Anne Chow offers a compelling and pragmatic vision of leadership—one where business and people thrive together. Lead Bigger will inspire you to build an inclusive, high-performing organization where people are actively engaged and contributing their best. If you want to think bigger and lead boldly, read this book!”
—LIZ WISEMAN, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Multipliers and Impact Players

"Finally, a book that illuminates the path to modern, impactful leadership. In Lead Bigger, Anne Chow draws on her decades of leadership experience at scale to demonstrate how embracing the full power of inclusive leadership beyond DEI can significantly enhance individual and team performance. This book is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs and organizational leaders alike, ready to transform and inspire growth in the marketplace."
—NINA VACA, Founder, Chairman, & CEO of Pinnacle Group; City of Dallas Entrepreneur in Residence

“Engaging. Empowering. Energizing. Lead Bigger is a must-read for current leaders and those aspiring to lead. Anne does a masterful job defining and demonstrating what it means to lead in a big and inclusive way. She uses her own 30-year professional journey and brilliantly weaves in the words and wisdom of well-known leaders. From going beyond the daily grind to advancing the Lead Bigger Movement, this extraordinarily written leadership masterpiece is filled with impactful stories and insightful moments. Settle in, invest in yourself, and get ready to experience the transformative power of inclusion.”
—CYNT MARSHALL, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks

“Anne Chow tackles the tough challenge of getting the most out of your team - capturing their hearts and minds, using inclusive engagement to drive innovation, and the power and agility that comes with trust. This is a pragmatic tool for any leader that wants to “have the back” of their organization from a CEO who led bigger to reach the top. Perfect timing for the workforce and workplace challenges leaders face today.”
—JIM FITTERLING, Chair and CEO of Dow, Inc.

Lead Bigger will engage you in a leadership journey that is contemporary, practical, and compelling. Drawing on her decades of experience as a successful leader, Anne Chow shares how taking a broader, human-focused view of our work, workforces, and workplaces will inspire greater performance and wellbeing, increasing the satisfaction of your customers, teams, and stakeholders.”
—MARTHA E. POLLACK, president emerita of Cornell University

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