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Know Your Dog's True Nature

Understanding Canine Personality through the Five Elements

Foreword by Allen Schoen
Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

• Looks at each dog element archetype individually, exploring their personality strengths and weaknesses, emotional defaults, how they react under stress, what makes them happy, and their potential physical ailments and conditions

• Offers holistic practices to help support each elemental dog type at any stage of life, including diagrams of acupressure points that can help

• Includes element archetype quizzes to determine your dog’s type as well as your own

DO YOU EVER WONDER why your canine friend behaves the way they do? With sensitivity and skill, master animal healer Elizabeth Anne Johnson takes you into the body, mind, and heart of the dog—sharing intimate stories of working dogs who are changing the world, rescue dogs who change us, old dogs offering profound wisdom, and humans making the world a better place.

Introducing the five element archetypes of the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water Dog, Know Your Dog’s True Nature illuminates practical ways to gain insigh into the unique personalities of your animal companion. As you explore the similarities and dynamics between dog and human, you’ll come to appreciate the mutually supportive structures and richness in your relationships, an understanding that helps to create a peaceful and happy home environment for all. In this guide you will find:

• five element archetype quizzes for both dogs and humans

• a fresh perspective on a dog’s elemental stressors, behaviors, wants, and needs

• easy acupressure techniques for balancing each element

• a unique lens on old dogs and rescue dogs

• supportive lifestyle measures and life lessons from the other end of the leash

Elizabeth’s stories and adventures from a lifetime of animal healing and many dog partners will tickle your heart, mind, and empathy, and create a safe and sacred container for your own trek with your beloved companion.

About The Author

Elizabeth Anne Johnson, EEBW, CBW, has worked on behalf of the health and wellness of small and large pets, exotic animals, and wildlife for 35 years. A holistic animal healer, wildlife biologist and rehabilitator, mentor, adventurer, and howling partner of Wilbur and Pretzel, rescues extraordinaire, Elizabeth lives on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (September 10, 2024)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9798888500651

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Raves and Reviews

“I love this book! Elizabeth Johnson’s knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, her warmth as a healer, and her passion for dogs have come together in a true trifecta. This is not only a fun and contemplative read, it is a reference book that should be on every dog lover’s shelf. Her guidance through the elements as well as the element-specific stories help you to truly see your own dogs and yourself! I also applied this to my horses and cats! I love the organization of this book. And of course, I love the attention brought to the shelter/rescue animals that need understanding right out of the gate. Bravo, Elizabeth! Well done!”

– JOAN RANQUET, animal communicator, founder of Communication with All Life University and the Shelter

“Know Your Dog’s True Nature is a fascinating and comprehensive book detailing the ancient theories of the Five Elements and how they show up within our beloved canine friends. This is a one-of-a-kind, complete guide that will enhance your relationship with your dog through the understanding of their unique and natural rhythms. As you recognize the element’s characteristics and traits in your dog, be prepared to learn more about yourself as well! This wonderful book provides tangible information to identify and understand your animal’s emotional and physical needs as they navigate the seasons of their life. Elizabeth Johnson has beautifully created a much-needed resource that is sure to become your go-to book for your animal’s wellness journey!”

– TAMMY BILLUPS, holistic healer, interface therapist, and author of Animal Soul Contracts and Animal

“What a fabulous book for dogs and their 2-leggeds! Elizabeth Anne Johnson’s deep rapport with dogs and humans, coupled with her allencompassing wisdom of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, come alive in this practical guide to recognizing and loving your dog’s traits.”

– CHERYL SCHWARTZ, DVM, author of Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats & D

“What frames our view will also frame our understanding. Elizabeth Anne Johnson provides us with a powerful framework for seeing our dogs in nuanced and supportive ways. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach of Five Element Theory takes on new life in Johnson’s capable hands as she applies this ancient understanding to our dogs. Know Your Dog’s True Nature provides a new framework for seeing and responding to our dogs and dog friends in their golden years. When we know more, when we see in new ways, we discover new options. Johnson’s lifetime of experience with dogs and animals of every kind shines through, as does her compassion and healing approach to the journey we share with other species. Highly recommended!”

– SUZANNE CLOTHIER, creator of Relationship Centered Dog Training and author of Bones Would Rain from

“Elizabeth’s book shows you simple, understandable ways to use the Five Element techniques for better health and understanding for both your dogs and yourself. If you are interested in dogs and Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is a must-read!”

– JEFF GROGNET, DVM, veterinarian and educator at New Earth Vet, holistic animal health courses

“This book is super fun, practical, and lively! It’s a true fusion of the wisdom and healing techniques from the TCM system and an enlightened approach for any dog parent to enhance their training program.”

– JESSE STERNBERG, founder of the Peaceful Alpha Project and author of Enlightened Dog Training

“I have live-captured and rescued more than 150 dogs from extremely stressful situations caused by natural disasters, highway accidents, or adoption events. Elizabeth’s Five-Element behavioral theories are offering me an opportunity to understand why individual dogs make individual decisions. Understanding why these “Lost Dog Syndrome” dogs behaved uniquely in the past will help me be a better dog rescuer in the future!”

– DAVE PAULI, master humane society international animal rescuer, master dog trapper, and certified ma

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