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Jump On Board the Animal Train

Illustrated by Benji Davies

The giraffes hooves click as he moves,

The elephant's feet plod down the street,

The tiger's tail swishes the rail,

The bear's paws pad on the floor . . .

And they follow us as we go!

Join one little boy on a fantastic journey to meet the train. He's joined by bears, elephants, tigers and a whole menagerie of other animals but, when he finally meets the train, there's an even more exciting surprise in store.

Kids will love turning the split-pages of this book to reveal the noisy friends hiding beneath. All aboard!

Benji Davies is an illustrator and animation director. From a young age he was often to be found painting at the kitchen table, a scene which can still be seen to this day. Benji studied animation at university, and has since worked on a diverse array of projects, from picture books and animated short films to music videos, commercials and title sequences. His books have been co-editioned in many languages and countries around the world. The Storm Whale is his first self-penned picture book. He lives in London with his wife Nina.

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