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About The Book

A modern, feminist take on the classic joke book to amuse and empower women.
If a tree falls in a forest and only a woman is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
We’ll never know. The male forest ranger said it was a “she said, tree said” situation.

Four comedy writers flip the script on outdated, sexist joke formats while delivering sharp commentary about the everyday sexism women and people of marginalized genders face. Building off their viral McSweeney’s piece, the book arms readers with humorous ammunition to deliver pointed blows to workplace underminer Gregs and Neanderthal Uncle Larrys, or to share with their aggrieved girlfriends. A cutting satire of the old-fashioned sexist joke book, Jokes to Offend Men is a refreshing reclamation of a tired form.

About The Authors

Product Details

  • Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing (December 8, 2022)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781524872199

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Raves and Reviews

What’s more “comedy book” than the original comedy book, the good ol’ joke book? Yeah, Jokes to Offend Men is a joke book, but it reinvents the subgenre by taking it to a whole new level. This is a joke book with a thesis, with the gags to back it up and bring the reader on a very satisfying ride. This is the rare occasion when pointed satire is delivered with as much glee as rage, and the material here just crackles — unabashedly vicious, hilarious, and precisely pinpointed vitriol directed at the all-too-familiar awful men who deserve to be lambasted and shamed. Not a single gag falls flat; it’s just one kill shot after another. For example: “Why are the men at my job like parrots? Because they repeat everything I say, poorly.” (Brian Boone, Vulture)

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