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About The Book

‘The world is in desperate need of this book’ - Greta Thunberg

'It's Not Just You is a galvanising breath of fresh air' - Mikaela Loach

'Tori Tsui is changing the conversation around mental health and the climate crisis' - Vogue

‘A must-read for anyone who would love to understand the intersections of mental health and the climate crisis’ - Vanessa Nakate


It’s not just you.

The climate crisis is making us all unwell.
But not just you.
The climate crisis is affecting certain communities disproportionately.
And it’s not just the climate crisis…

The term ‘eco-anxiety’ has been popularised as a way to talk about the negative impact of the climate emergency on our wellbeing. In It’s Not Just You, activist Tori Tsui reframes eco-anxiety as the urgent mental health crisis it clearly is.

Drawing on the wisdom of environmental advocates from around the globe, Tori looks to those on the frontlines of eco-activism to demonstrate that the current climate-related mental health struggle goes beyond the climate itself. Instead, it is a struggle that encompasses many injustices and is deeply entrenched in systems such as racism, sexism, ableism and, above all, capitalism.

Because of this, climate injustice disproportionately affects most marginalised communities, who are often excluded from narratives on mental health. Tori argues that we can only begin to tackle both the climate and mental health crisis by diversifying our perspectives and prioritising community-led practices. In essence, reminding us that It’s Not Just You.

Tackling this increasingly urgent crisis requires looking both inwards and outwards, embracing individuality over individualism and championing climate justice. Only then can we start to build better futures for both people and the planet.

About The Author

Tori Tsui is an intersectional climate activist and mental health advocate from Hong Kong but based in the UK. She was named one of Stella McCartney's agents of change her Fall/Winter 2019 campaign written by author and activist Jonathan Safran Foer and narrated by primatologist Dame Jane Goodall. Stella subsequently sponsored Tori to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to the UN climate conference, COP25. After working on this project, she lived in Colombia working with Latin American and Caribbean youth on a project called Sail For Climate Action, which aimed to amplify the voices of environmentalists from the global south. She has spoken at the International Hay Festival and Stella McCartney's roundtable at Paris Fashion week, COP26, Glasgow 2021. In Nov 2021, Tori was invited by actor Emma Watson to speak at The New York Times Climate Hub, alongside youth climate leaders such as Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai (Malala Fund) to discuss the need for collective, coalition-led leadership to accomplish intersectional thinking that the climate challenge requires. She runs a collective called Bad Activist which aims to shed the guise of perfection in climate activism. It's Not Just You is Tori's first book.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Gallery UK (March 14, 2024)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781398508750

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Raves and Reviews

‘The world is in desperate need of this book. We are burned out people on a burned out planet, and we have to talk about mental health and its connections with the planetary emergency.'

– Greta Thunberg

‘The mental health and climate crisis is an issue of our times, and Tori Tsui writes about eco-anxiety and climate justice in a way that is wonderful, hopeful and urgent. This book is an essential read for the decade to come.’

– Dominique Palmer

‘Tori’s book shows us what I see every day in clinical practise - that mental health is political, ecological and collective. The narrow ways we’ve been told to understand mental health are designed to prevent liberation and healing - Tori’s book offers an invigorating alternative.'

– Rhiannon Osborne

‘Tori has written a must-read for anyone who would love to understand the intersections of mental health and the climate crisis.’

– Vanessa Nakate

'Tsui’s book upends the idea that climate anxiety exists in a vacuum, instead considering it as a symptom of something deeper.

– Vogue

‘What an important and necessary look at how our global crisis can feel overwhelmingly personal. When it comes to the climate crisis, nothing and no one is spared, from the smallest creatures to the most powerful human leaders of the world. This book reminds us that we are all connected, and that there is hope when we acknowledge our anxiety and use it to fuel positive action.'

– Maggie Baird

'Tori Tsui advocates for a cosmic shift in the ways that eco-anxiety is being presented in our dominant culture. From her stories, research, and activism, her book upholds evidence-based hope for a better future.'

– Isaias Hernandez, QueerBrownVegan

'It's Not Just You is a pivotal examination of our greatest challenge at hand. It is immensely hopeful and adeptly illuminates the path to a better world for all of us.'

– Daphne Frias, Disabled Climate Justice Organizer

'Tori Tsui's voice is vital. It's Not Just You is a necessary, nuanced and timely exploration of eco-anxiety that consistently reminds us what this fight is truly about: collective liberation and collective care. Given the individualistic and eurocentric nature of much of both the mental health and climate discourse, respectively, It's Not Just You is a galvanising breath of fresh air.'

– Mikaela Loach

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