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‘Brilliant. Each story takes us into a new world but the collection is bound together by a unified sensibility and a belief in the power of adaptability.’ Michael Billington 

‘A fox could be a shape-shifter, a spirit being. It could appear in human form if this suited its purposes; it could come and go as it pleased, play tricks, lead men astray.’

In Hackney, gigging filmmaker Nina has a fox problem in her garden. Actress Holly is implicated in the fallout of a scandal. Paul, an English tutor, gets too close to an oligarch. And Sebastian, a freelance journalist, hides a devastating secret.
Portraying the young and mobile in a world of hustle, In the Time of Foxes takes the fox as its spirit animal. Gritty and surprising, the stories range from London to Spain, Moscow to Hong Kong, revealing the shapeshifting that goes on in modern life. 

Showing the short story collection at its most compelling and rewarding, In the Time of Foxes is deeply insightful about the times in which we live. It introduces Jo Lennan as an irresistible new storyteller.
‘A commanding debut.’
The Sunday Times New Zealand
‘Lennan is a master at creating worlds. Above all, she is able to make the small details stick.’ 
The Saturday Paper
Australian Book Review
‘A writer to watch.’ 
The Australian
‘Lennan crafts each story as a complete world … an assured debut.’ 
Sydney Morning Herald

Photograph by Johnny Nicolaidis

Born in Australia, Jo Lennan studied in Sydney and Oxford. She has worked as a lawyer and writer, contributing to The Economist, 1843, Time Magazine and The Monthly. Her award-winning short stories and essays feature in anthologies and literary journals.

  • Publisher: Scribner UK (July 23, 2020)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781471195365