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Hugs to Encourage and Inspire

Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage and

Part of Hugs Series

Something wonderful happens when a hug is shared. You express love, forgiveness, acceptance, and encouragement that flows from your heart. Hugs generate warmth and affection, and nurture lasting bonds of friendship.

Within the pages of this very special book, you'll find a hug after hug filled with inspiration and refreshment for yourself and the ones you love. Warm stories by the beloved storyteller John William Smith, personalized Scriptures by LeAnn Weiss, uplifting quotes by various well-known people, and inspirational messages by an "anonymous disciple" come together to form enduring hugs that warm the heart. Make something wonderful happen. Share a hug today!

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John Smith wrote five books in the Hugs series. In addition to Hugs for Mom, he authored Hugs for Dad, Hugs to Encourage and Inspire, Hugs for the Hurting, and Hugs for the Holidays. He has been a preacher and teacher for more than forty years and taught public school at the junior and senior high level; he also taught at the college and university level. He is an in-demand speaker for graduations, as well as for athletic, education, fund-raising events. He and his wife, Kila, live in Huntsville, Oklahoma, and his three adult children are scattered about the country.

  • Publisher: Howard Books (May 4, 2013)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781476747996

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