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How to Survive Without Grown-Ups

Get set for the new hilarious edge-of-your seat adventure series for readers aged 8+ – this is the perfect new series for fans of Charlie Changes into a Chicken, David Solomons and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Highly illustrated throughout by the brilliant Katie Abey.

Eliza and Johnnie’s parents have gone to Mars. Not to the supermarket, not even a trip to the Bahamas. No, they’ve been offered the Chance of a Lifetime and have gone to Mars, the planet, and they’re never coming back. But something doesn’t seem quite right . . .

Taking it upon themselves to save the day, ten-year-old Eliza and her five-year-old genius brother Johnnie manage to cross the Atlantic in an old sofa and navigate their way into outer space. Will they be able to overcome everything that’s thrown at them (including vampire squids, suspicious villains, a secret island and much more)? And – more importantly – will they ever get their parents back?

Larry Hayes helps run an investment fund, and is a trustee for a homeless charity. On Fridays he homeschools his two kids, letting them decide what to study. In the future he hopes to become a treasure hunter, invent a yoghurt that makes you happy, and solve the maths behind the human brain. How to Survive Without Grown-Ups is his debut novel.