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Homeopathy as Energy Medicine

Information in the Nanodose

Foreword by Vatsala Sperling
Published by Healing Arts Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A detailed overview of the alternative healing modality and its modern advances

Helping first-time patients as well as longtime devotees gain a deeper understanding of just what homeopathy is, Richard Grossinger presents a comprehensive overview of the healing art, explaining its essential philosophy and methodology and showing how it relates to the broader concepts of energy medicine and nanodose treatments. He introduces homeopathy’s basic framework and explores its three central principles: the Law of Similars, microdose transmission of energetic information, and potentization. Addressing the many critiques of homeopathy, he looks at the power of the placebo effect and offers a case history and comparison of homeopathy to other alternative and mainstream healing modalities.

Placing homeopathy in a historical context, he explores doctor Samuel Hahnemann’s discovery of homeopathy in the late 18th century as part of his advanced medical research and looks at medical and pharmaceutical systems that preceded homeopathy, such as alchemy, Paracelsan herbalism, and Greek and Roman medicine. He examines homeopathy’s rise and fall in popularity over the years, including its renaissance in early 19th-century North America and its revival in the counterculture of the 1970s. He looks at modern evolutions of homeopathy, including Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s “sensations” theory and homeopathy’s resonance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Exploring the broader applications of homeopathic philosophy, Grossinger also examines the concept of the pill-less pharmacy, the microdose basis of astrological charts, and psychic homeopathy.

Presenting a modern understanding of homeopathy as energy medicine, this book offers everything needed to begin self-healing with the power of the nanodose.

About The Author

Richard Grossinger is the curator of Sacred Planet Books, a member of the Inner Traditions editorial board, the founder and former publisher of North Atlantic Books, and a founding copublisher of Io, a seminal interdisciplinary literary journal that ran from 1964–1993. He attended Amherst College and completed a PhD in ecological anthropology at the University of Michigan. He has written more than 30 widely acclaimed books on alternative medicine, cosmology, embryology, and consciousness, including Dark Pool of Light: Reality and Consciousness, The Night Sky: Soul and Cosmos, and Bottoming Out the Universe.

Through the Sacred Planet collection, published under the umbrella of the Inner Traditions family of imprints, Grossinger continues his long-standing publishing talent for developing deep co-creative relationships with authors. His main psychospiritual practices have been dreams and symbols, t’ai chi ch’uan, craniosacral therapy, and the Sethian system of psychic energy taught by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher. Sacred Planet continues these themes while emphasizing other urgent topics: climate, permaculture, alchemy, biological transmutation, viral transmission, meta-politics, hyperobjects, spiritwalking, shapeshifting, the etheric realm, oracles, locutions, time travel, astrology, crystals, and subtle bodies.

Grossinger lives in Portland, Maine, and Berkeley, California.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Healing Arts Press (August 29, 2024)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644119662

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