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Healing through Sound

Awakening Your Audible Body

Foreword by Rosemary Gladstar
Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Heal and align the body layer by layer through sound healing.

You are made of sound. By listening deeply, you can hear the rhythms and stories of the audible body. With the power of the voice, you can heal the body layer by layer, awakening your cells while releasing long-held tensions, stress, and emotional trauma.

In this guide to sound as bodywork, sound healer Vickie Dodd shares her system for addressing trauma locked in the physical body with the healing power of sound. Touching on the function of the nervous system and the parasympathetic breath, she reveals how sound travels the inner pathways of the body, eliciting responses from the body memory of tissues and muscles while bypassing the mind. Sharing examples from sessions with her clients across five decades, she explains how sound can change the body’s tissues, rearrange posture, and release undigested emotional experiences. She teaches how to prepare the body for the work of sounding and releasing and explains the vocabulary of healing sounds, in particular the power of vowels to start the healing process.

Presenting experiential exercises, the author explores how to listen deeply and precisely to the body’s stories and discover the rhythms of the areas to be treated as well as how to intuit the sounds required for healing—your unique soundprint. She offers practices to help you immediately experience a release of tension and stress and explains how to use your voice to release emotional conflicts so your body can naturally heal. She explores how to sing love songs to your shadow, transform negative patterns into harmonious ones, and discover the grace and peace that arise as your body’s stories and tissues come to rest.

Revealing the vast potential of sound to heal and transform, Vickie Dodd shows how each of us can dialogue with our own body for release, restoration, and vitality.

About The Author

Vickie Dodd, M.A., has been a sound healing therapist, bodyworker, workshop leader, musician, and internationally recognized pioneer of healing through sound for more than 50 years. She has collaborated with Don Campbell and is an adjunct faculty member at the Globe Institute in San Francisco. Vickie lives in Port Angeles, Washington.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (April 25, 2024)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9798888500316

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Raves and Reviews

“Vickie Dodd is one of the true pioneering figures in the field of sound healing. Her work is brilliant—she is a monumental healer who uses sound and an exceptional teacher whose work embraces the true embodiment of sound. Now, finally, for those who know her extraordinary wisdom and abilities, she has produced a book. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Healing through Sound encompasses all the important aspects of how our own sounds can be used as a transformational and therapeutic modality. Enjoy this amazing journey into the world of sound healing with Vickie Dodd as your guide. You’ll be glad you did. Get this book now! It is a most important addition to anyone’s library.”

– Andi and Jonathan Goldman, sound experts and authors of The Humming Effect

“Vickie Dodd, in her journey as a physical and spiritual healer, has gathered the results of the decades of her creating, searching, and re-searching into this magnificent book of full-body, sound, rhythm, and heartful meditation. As a body percussionist, poet, and vocalist, I have embraced wholeheartedly the whole-force physical, mental, and spiritual exercises she has shared in this book and found them to be transforming. Her call for awakening to the entire energetic field has been heard and felt, and I have responded.”

– Brenda Bufalino, jazz and tap dancer, choreographer, singer, and poet

“The titles of the chapters and their content vibrate at the higher expectations of this advancing new age. Vickie Dodd’s well-drenched understanding of sound as a solution for real honest healing supports our readiness to shift more committedly to the creative and intentional use of sound and sounding as a personal and interpersonal sustainable health practice.”

– LARAAJI, musician and founder of Ananda Ashram

“I have been in the healing arts field for several decades and I had dabbled in sound such as mantras and Om, but I had never thought of using sound or my voice for my own physical and mental healing. This work that Vickie Dodd is presenting is helpful to anyone in the healing arts. On almost every page there are workable, easy-to-understand tools and methods that can aid anyone. This is a workbook, a textbook, and a roadmap to profound, breakthrough techniques for healing others and self. For the past few months I have been using my voice daily to release stress and align my emotional well-being. My voice is teaching me.”

– Ralph “Corky” Matson, body-mind consultant and author of Prodigious Son: A Memoir of Mir

“This is a masterful work deserving of a place in every library committed to the authentic exploration of sound as an essential healing modality. Vickie Dodd is not only a pioneer in this field, but one of the most authentically unique and powerful of its voices. In a time when so many superficially explore this terrain, her integrity and alignment with Divine Source make it a higher calling and a true North Star for any serious student or practitioner seeking genuine wisdom and guidance.”

– Arji “OceAnanda” Cakouros, sound healer, musician, and Usui Reiki master

“I have been experimenting with sound healing on and off for years with singing bowls and more. . . . Even so, nothing prepared me for the experiences of healing I received as I began implementing Vickie Dodd’s sounding tool as outlined in this book. Her work and guidance has opened up a whole new connection to myself in the present. I hummed, I toned, I followed her teachings as I read. I learned, I grew, and I surrendered as the tones began to tone me, unraveling my stress and traumas and taking me to a deeper acceptance of myself. I believe that this book is a must-read for all who seek to embrace all of themselves, all of life and its infinite possibilities. The tool? Our own voice.”

– Janet Hudonjorgensen, energetic healer

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