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Gangsta., Vol. 3

Book #3 of Gangsta.
Published by VIZ Media LLC
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Ergastulum is a tough town, the kind of place where the rule of law takes a backseat to the law of violence, and where Handymen like Nic and Worick make a living doing odd jobs for their clients, from routine deliveries to extrajudicial killings. Discreet, ruthless, and efficient, the men are respected by both the police brass and the Mafia dons, but it took many long, hard years for them to make their names. Behind those years is the hidden history of how the scion of an elite family and a boy soldier of the Twilights ranks formed an improbable, unbreakable bond.

  • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC (September 11, 2014)
  • Length: 194 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781421564548

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