Fierce Feminine Rising

Heal from Predatory Relationships and Recenter Your Personal Power


About The Book

A guide for embodying the courage of the Fierce Feminine, or Dark Mother, to heal yourself and the world at large

• Describes how to embody the sacred rage of the Fierce Feminine and channel the universal outrage collectively rising in many of us to seek justice for those who can’t defend themselves

• Details constructive energetic and spiritual practices to help heal from predatory relationships and traumatic experiences, recenter your personal power, and gain control of your sacred rage rather than allowing it to control you

• Explains how to gain access to primordial female wisdom within the brain, embrace your inner Kali, and personally deal with sorrow and anger

• Includes access to online audio tracks

After millennia of suppression, the Fierce Feminine, or Dark Mother, is making a dramatic resurgence to express our universal outrage. She is rising collectively now, and many women--and men--are feeling a welling up of sacred rage inside, a calling to set things right in our own lives and seek justice for those who can’t defend themselves.

Offering much-needed perspective, advice, and tools for channeling the righteous energy and sacred rage of the Divine Feminine, Anaiya Sophia explains how to distinguish the Fierce Feminine from personal anger and reveals how it is not a feminist movement set to publicly condemn all that is masculine but a collective spiritual uprising for the greater good of humanity. She shares constructive practices drawn from Eastern tradition to help you embody the courage of the Fierce Feminine to heal from predatory relationships and traumatic experiences, recenter your personal power, and gain control of your sacred rage rather than allowing it to control you. She details sacred sexuality exercises, including those with a yoni egg to clear the womb after lovemaking and dispel any energetic imprint left by an ex-partner. She provides instructions to gain access to the primordial wisdom within the untapped portion of the female brain, embrace your inner Kali, and personally deal with sorrow and anger.

Through this passionate step-by-step guide to comfort your spiritual anguish and dispel the helplessness of not knowing what to do, Anaiya Sophia encourages those who feel the call of the Fierce Feminine to embrace their sacred mission and allow it to rebalance the powers that govern the planet as well as harmonize our minds. When we allow the justice of the Fierce Feminine to flow within us, we each become an active participant in the embodiment of change.


Chapter 1. What Is the Fierce Feminine (and What Is Not)?

Allowing the Fierce, Fierce Feminine to have Her voice creates a lot of waves and surprises! We must realize that by speaking Her voice we will be challenging the core of those around us. The Fierce, Fierce Feminine has this ability to get past defenses and strike at the nervous systems of those holding old positions of power or false goodness. Like a powerful young horse who has been released from the quiet confines of the paddock, we must give Her her head. We must let Her go - speak freely, chose wisely, act steadfastly, and initiate the things we never would have dreamt of doing before.

But how do we know if this is the Divine Will of the Fierce, Fierce Feminine, and not our own personal anger looking for a fight? Well, I believe there’s a hallmark; a clear and easy to spot situation that marks Her good works as Her own. When we speak and act on behalf of the Fierce, Fierce Feminine it will most likely have nothing to do with our own personal gain. The situation and the reason why we’re speaking out will be on behalf of those who cannot. I believe it to be that clean of an energy. And should we find ourselves in a place that requires defense and protection of our own Light, it will be because that position defends others - many, many others at the same time.

When we allow the justice of the Fierce Feminine to flow within us, we will feel it in our hearts that we're doing the right thing. There will be a buoyant upsurge of courageous goodness, like a victory cry that rallies tremendous resources and resilience. When She speaks it feels clean and triumphant. There’s no venom, no vitriol, and no rhetoric. When you let go, there is no argument, no fight, and no conflict – there is only Truth. There may be a denial of that Truth, but the usual ways that humans solve their differences, via fighting, does not happen. The Fierce Feminine does not enter the fight. She is working on and in realms where physical brawling is a thing of the past.

In the times I have allowed the Fierce Feminine to rise, She has put me in contact with a third and unknown power, that is neither good nor bad. It just is. This part of me can see all sides of the situation quickly. Even before everyone has stated their positions, it’s clear to me who stands where. I can see the bullshit, the tactics deployed, the lies, the hidden emotion and a sense of what’s not being said. Without thought, a swift and direct action, voice or response emerges. The narrow window of possible outcomes from my own narrative on life melts down in surrender as a brilliant flash of response is born.

This enlivening experience of an altered state of reality restores and recalibrates when we give of ourselves on Her behalf. And that is the Truth. We take a Leap of Faith on Her behalf, and simultaneously, She powers Herself through our being birthing within us a wholly new operating system.

As exciting and wonderful as this sounds, we will most likely get met by resistance and angry accusations from those that we challenge. This is to be expected, so there is no need to worry. All we do is ground ourselves in Her beingness and do our best not to take any of it personally. We must remember, it’s not so much a person that opposes us, but a system, a heavy, deeply enmeshed dense way of living alongside old values, old beliefs, and old ideas. That’s what we’re challenging and that’s why there will be tremendous resistance. But if we know that in advance, we will be prepared and ready for it.


Sacred Action

Come into a comfortable lying down position with your feet flopped open and your palms face up. Take this time to disengage with the exterior world, leaving behind all your worries, daily concerns, and thoughts and feelings concerning others. Come into yourself. Use your breath to transport your awareness from out there, to inside yourself. Feel your familiar inner space and rest there awhile in the dark warmth of your sovereign being.

Start to see the natural world, the animal kingdom, the flora and fauna, the rivers, mountains, forests and deserts. Feel the goodness of life and the innocent and delicate ways we depend on one another. Now, see the matrix. The artificial world of control, fear, otherworldly influences, war and oppression. See how the matrix attempts to overlay the natural world, dimming the beauty of life from our vision. Coercing us into a world of impossible goals, unmet expectations and a complete inability to open, trust and connect.

What does She the Fierce, Fierce Feminine have to say about that?

Should you allow this in, what next step could you take to fully contribute on behalf of Her authentic voice? What deep wisdom rests in your bones? What daring new dimension could you operate on? What innovative and fresh new territory could you guide others into? How else, what else could come through you?

Remember, Her way is not to oppose the Dark Agenda, but to bring it into balance with nature.

Once you have seen your next new step you must write it down, better still, speak it to another (or record your own voice speaking Her words). Don't discard it or forget what you have been shown. This glimpse is between you and Her and has been revealed by your own wisdom. She has prepared and opened your evolution and will bring you every resource needed along the way.

And that is the Truth.

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

About The Author

Anaiya Sophia is a mystic, author and initiator of Sacred Marriage. She is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships, Divine Sexuality and the Awakening of the Sacred Body. Her books include Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga, Pilgrimage of Love, Womb Wisdom, Sacred Sexual Union, The Rose Knight, and Sacred Relationships: The Practice of Intimate Erotic Love. She lives in the Occitan region of Southern France with her beloved.

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  • Publisher: Destiny Books (January 7, 2020)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620558607

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