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Get through any relationship split with this collection of relatable, impassioned, and irreverent breakup haikus.

When her marriage came to a sudden and infuriating end, celebrated relationship columnist Kristina Grish found solace in a unique outlet—penning fiery breakup haikus. Now, she shares her cathartic creations in a compilation designed to guide you through the wreckage of your split.

In F*ck You Haiku, Kristina has compiled more than 100 breakup haikus— drawing inspiration from her own tumultuous love affairs and universal experiences that strike a chord with us all. These poetic gems serve as a lifeline for anyone grappling with heartbreak, providing a cathartic path to healing.

Representing a range of emotions and clever ways to vent about your ex, these haikus are entertaining and enraging, as well as enlightening and empowering. So, if you’re currently going through a breakup—whether you did the deed or are on the receiving end of it—let this collection of inventive poems help you say “f*ck you” to that special someone and eventually “love you” to yourself.


1. Us Us

Early on in the breakup process, you can’t help but reminisce about how it felt when the two of you were together. Now, the other person’s absence feels palpable, like an unwanted phantom limb. When you’re in bed by yourself, your foot habitually searches for theirs under the covers. You grab your phone to text them, then stop yourself mid-sentence. You consider splitting a recipe and cooking for one, but it doesn’t feel worth the math. Should you even bother to finish your favorite Hulu series alone, since all you’ll want to do is discuss it over leftover Chinese and a bottle of pinot?

You thought they were Your Person.

And yet…

A freshly cut heart can be a tricky bastard; at the start of a relationship’s end, it clings to mostly sunny memories. Maybe this is how we protect ourselves from getting too upset over making an imperfect choice. Because, sure, they’d call when they said they would, but they never finished your sentences the way an other half should. And while they’d always remember your birthday, their generic gifts made you question whether they understood your desires at all.

A small voice inside likely tried to tell you that things weren’t quite right, even as you told it to hush; nobody’s perfect. Next time, you won’t make the same mistake. Next time, you’ll listen.

About The Author

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Kristina Grish covers women’s lifestyle topics, including health, relationship, celebrity, fashion, fitness, and pop-culture trends for various national magazines. She’s contributed features, essays, and profiles to CosmopolitanMarie Claire, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, Women’s Health, Self, Shape, Health, Fitness, Men’s Health, Vibe, and Teen Vogue.

Product Details

  • Publisher: S&S/Simon Element (March 14, 2024)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781668054406

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"Her new book, “F*ck You Haiku: Little Breakup Poems to Help You Vent, Heal, and Move On” (Tiller Press), is a collection inspired by past breakups and more universal experiences many will relate to (“Your stuff’s in a box/On the front lawn of my house/Covered in bird s–t.”)."—Mackenzie Dawson, The New York Post

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