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Energy Magick of the Vampyre

Secret Techniques for Personal Power and Manifestation


• Explains how a Vampyre is not a blood-sucking mythical figure but a shaman who is skilled in gathering, using, and storing energy for magical power and personal liberation

• Reveals how to gather and store energy from the world around you and shares magical techniques, manifestation methods, and practices to utilize the energy you have collected

• Looks at servitors and familiars, vampyric runes, dream architecture, money magick practices, and sex magick techniques as well as advanced practices such as healing with vampyric magick

In this initiatory guide, Don Webb explains how a Vampyre is not a blood-drinking, crucifix-fearing mythical figure but a shaman, someone adept at gathering, using, and storing energy for magical power, manifestation, and personal liberation. A Master of the Order of the Vampyre within the Temple of Set, the author shares a 9-month process of introspection, magical techniques, and practices that will awaken and initiate you as a Vampyre and allow you to actualize your hidden potential.

Webb begins by exploring the relationship between the Vampyre and energy, explaining the basics of how to gather energy from the world around you and store it in the body, in artifacts and talismans, and in groups of people, such as a coven. In the in-depth section on the 9 stages of initiation, the author offers guided magical techniques, manifestation methods, and experiments to utilize the energy you have learned to gather and store. He examines body awareness and how we must each learn to control the inner parasites that mask our true personality and siphon our energies. He also looks at servitors and familiars, vampyric runes, dream architecture, money magick practices, and sex magick techniques. Sharing more advanced practices, Webb explores healing with vampyric magick, creating and destroying egregores, and how to fight off psychic vampires—those who steal your power and energies.

By walking the path of the Vampyre, you can achieve greater self-knowledge, a deeper connection with the energies that surround you, and the power to manifest your deepest desires.


From “The Vampyric Explanation”

A Vampyre is a self-created energy being that is aware of the energy structures that maintain human life. The Vampyre seeks to obtain greater than normal energy, safe-guard the energy she has, and use her energy to increase her pleasure, power, wisdom, and most importantly change her relationship to time. To do this she changes her awareness of the world and how she interacts with the world using a variety to techniques from acting, tantra, neurobiology, magick, and hunting. The Vampyre awakens in the human body-mind-soul complex through an energy imbalance, a moment of awareness and a mythic model. The Vampyre’s enemies are not crosses, garlic or mirror. The Vampyre’s enemies are self-importance, conventionality, disease, pollution, fear, and dharma. The Vampyre is the mode of freedom in a world where everyone is in chains.

From “Vampyre Lite: Simple Practice”

This chapter will offer basic practices. Vampyre lite if you will. I’ll divide into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly practices. If you like the results, you may wish to undergo Initiation. If it’s too hard or not to your liking, you’ve still got a scary book to impress your friends with.


This is for a basic day: no magical Workings planned, none of the experiments from parts two or three of the book in process. The cycle begins after sundown. You enter into sacred space preferably facing North. Incense or quiet music can be helpful. Dim or extinguish the lights. You close your eyes and make an energy inventory of the day. You think about your activities, your dreams, your interactions with people, and especially unexpected moments and opportunities. What fed you? Are you sick or well? What pleasures did you capture for yourself? What/who drained you? What energy did use? Now you will expel such energy as you deem harmful (more on that practice later). You then thoroughly relax, you let tensions leave your body section by section from your feet to your head.

When you feel your tensions relaxed, your breathing slow, your thoughts quiet, you rise and say your Wish for the next day, “I the Vampyre [your vampyre name] wish that . . .” The Wish can be anything you desire, stated as an accomplished fact. You then offer the orison of gratitude, “I thank myself, my ancestors, my teachers, my friends, and family for XXXX.” Think of all things you are grateful for, from seeing a peacock spread his tail unexpectedly to thinking good thoughts to your health, etc. End your orison with, “I will live long beyond this body, this time, this mood. I will hunt and play in the stars, I am attuned to forces dark, sublime, and eternal.” The “Gratitude Orison” is the most important act of the cycle. It records pleasant unexpected moments into your Past, as opposed to the loss of such memories. It creates happiness in your present, acts against the social parasite’s tendency to panic at night, and lastly sets up Resonance with your future self. If you live your life “right,” you will feel gratitude to your past self. In moments of resonance between ages Intuition occurs, and surpluses of energy store themselves across your long-being. Turn up the lights. Journal. At the minimum write down the best thing that happened to you that day (even if it was just finding a quarter in front of the vending machine), your best thought of the day, any magical results, and the phase of the moon.

Plan your next day. Include an item to think about (philosophically) and bodily pleasures. Pick activities that decondition the social parasite, such as resolving to spot a new thing on the way to work or putting your left sock on first. Such “silly” moments alongside the “important” ones weaken the social parasite’s grasp on behavior. Be mindful of practical needs and energy hunting. Many find it useful to write out the list, leave it in total darkness, then carry it with them the next day. Cross off items as you do so, and thank yourself for your achievements the next night.

At bedtime pause for a moment to drink cold clear water in front of mirror. Look at your reflection. Say “Tonight I feed and fly. Hail the ancient dreams!” This is the Vampyric Pledge.

As you fall asleep engage in one of two visualizations. Picture people you wish to influence. Imagine energy flowing from them into you and a (lesser but more magical) stream of energy flowing from your heart into them. Or choose the ascent visualization. Picture yourself rising from your bed and flying either to a Vampyric stead of power or away from earth toward the Big Dipper. Satellite pictures of your area will aid in this. Go to sleep. If you lie in bed reading, playing on the internet, etc., rise, shake that mood off before you Pledge and the visualizations.

When you awaken in the morning, try lying as still as possible and try to relive your dreams. If you dreamt of a specific location that you will visit today resolve to be very alert and in control in that place. After you rise and pick up your task list from last night say, “The Vampyre sleeps and I guard it. It can Awaken at will and moves with swiftness of the bat. In Its name I summon energy, wonder-giving experiences, and evolution provoking thoughts to my day self.”

Near mid-day, take a few minutes to review your list and your day so far. This is never an exercise in guilt. Guilt is how the social parasite feeds itself. You must wean it off guilt by giving it the better energies of Wonder and the glow of possessing a Secret (i.e., that you are a Vampyre). Take time to try the new when possible--new restaurant, new route, etc. Or rebel against minor rules or conventions occasionally. This releases energy and deconditions the social parasite.

Ipsissimus Don Webb joined the Temple of Set in 1989 and served as its High Priest from 1996 to 2002. He has written and lectured on Left-Hand Path topics and the occult practices of Late Antiquity since 1995. He lives in Austin, Texas.

  • Publisher: Inner Traditions (May 4, 2021)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644111338

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