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A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health

A look at the environment, holistic health, dream and vision interpretation, and Native American culture presents age-old traditions and includes a complete guide to traditional Native American herbal healing.

A new millennium is upon us. Our eyes, minds, and hearts have, at long last, returned to the earth and its environment—and our own healthful survival—as we walk and breathe upon it. The previous knowledge of the Native Americans has long been mistaken for magic or myth. But the truth of the native way is simple and strong. This is a chance to change our relationship with ourselves and our earth, to embrace a less complicated, more satisfying way to live.

Spiritual writer Mary Summer Rain was the last apprentice to the renowned Chippewa visionary, No-Eyes. Daughter of a tribal shaman, No-Eyes taught Marry Summer Rain the many lessons of her long life. Now, in Earthway, Mary Summer Rain interweaves the inspired teachings of No-Eyes with a veritable encyclopedia of rare knowledge, showing us how we can bring to vivid life the beauty and power of this natural way, giving us a new hope for the future.

Spiritual philosopher and naturalist Mary Summer Rain has written more than twenty books including the bestselling Earthway. She lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.