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Domino: Strays

A Marvel Heroines Novel


Sharp-witted, luck-wrangling mercenary Domino takes on both a dangerous cult and her own dark past, in this explosive introduction to the new series of Marvel prose novels

The job: infiltrate a Chicago conman’s cult to liberate some brainwashed twins. For former X-Force operative Domino, that’s a “hell no”. Fanatics are bad news. She still has nightmares about Project Armageddon, the super-soldier program that wrecked her life and destroyed her family. If only she’d had someone to help her back then, someone… like her. It’s a total pain in the ass, but maybe it is time to finally face those demons. With her probability manipulating superpowers she can turn even the worst of situations to her advantage.

TRISTAN PALMGREN is a Missouri, US-based author and computer game writer, known for the critically acclaimed genre-warping novels that blend historical fiction and space opera, Quietus and its sequel Terminus.

  • Publisher: Aconyte (October 6, 2020)
  • Length: 252 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781839080517

“It’s a great book that can put you into the same heart-pounding position as its characters, just trying to figure it all out.” - Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

– Barnes & Noble, Fantasy Blog

“Ambitious and intelligent, breathing new life into familiar forms. Truly outstanding.” - New York Times-bestselling author, Una McCormack

– Una McCormack, New York Times-bestselling Author

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